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I Love My Converse All-Stars


Good ole' Chuck Taylors, been around almost 100 years and worn by some of the strongest people in history.

Obviously they have a lot of great qualities like a solid EVEN foundation for your feet, Hard edges so your feet don't roll when squatting wide, ankle support, they're cheap, and they come in virtually ever cool color, especially tough guy BLACK.

I can go to any gym and spot the powerlifters by their Chucks, its almost like a weird handshake.

I must admit that I own a whole bunch, 13 pairs, 2 Pairs Toughguy black(worn out of course), black with red flames, blue flames, different patterns and colors, I even have a pair in Desert Camo to support the troops.
At first I thought that Chicks wouldn't like them but I was wrong, I have actually gotten Smokin Hot girlfriends Chucks as Gifts and they love them and train in them(the pink, or pink/black I recommend)

Throughout my 20 years of training I have never seen any Maniac in running shoes do anything to impress me BUT I have seen hundreds of people in Chuck Taylors push the Human Body to its limits.(could it be the shoes?)

Except for faggy Cardio days I cant train in anything but the All-Stars, I almost believe that they give me 30lb in the squat, 15 on the bench and 20 for the Deadlift, and if I think they help me they actually help me so I'll keep brainwashing myself.

You cats ever train in them?


What a great idea!

I never trained in them, but I've been wanting to find a good workout shoe and they seem like they'd be ideal for squats and deadlifts.

thanks for the tip!


There is a guy at my gym that has a pair of hot pink Chuck's, I usually see him on the stair-climber or elliptical trainer. He wears real tight shorts and T-shirts also, kind of silly given his girly physique and shaved legs. Either way, I still consider him hardcore given his choice of footwear.

Personally, when doing heavy squats and deadlifts I prefer a shoe with a thick heel. I've experimented with many a shoe, anything from a Dr. Marten or a Timberland, to a ski boot or stiletto heel. I have tried the Chuck's as well, but I need some elevation up in the ass of my foot. I find the Adidas Ironwork II to be the ultimate shoe for all types of weight training.

I never see guys at my gym on the cardio machines with the Ironwork II strapped to their foot, no sir. When you see a guy with the Ironwork II attached to his foot you know one thing and one thing only: this guy gets laid, a lot.

The Chuck's are great if you are poor and can't afford a real shoe, just like newspapers make great shin-guards if you're a poverty stricken 9 year old playing hockey in Russia. However, if you can afford a hundred bucks or so why not get something that elevates your lifting to a level devoid of mortals and inhabited by gods? The Ironwork II was designed to do exactly that.


Sorry dude but a pair of twenty dollar Chuck's just don't swing it for me. What year is it anyway?


I sport the Chucks more often than not when I lift. Black high tops, from when they were still made in America some years back. They offer zero ankle support or cushioning, but yeah, they're definitely flat-soled. I can't imagine guys in the 50's playing basketball in them.


Sounds like natedawg to me! LOL.


Chucks are one of the few shoes that are still made in the USA. Fo rthose that don't know you can design your own at converseone.com and they will make them to your specs for around $60. I have a pair in black and white flames with my handle (morepain) stitched down the back.


I love lamp.


Adidas pretero for deads - nice feel to them imo.


Chucks for leg day.

Don't wear 'em when you're doing calves or you'll get a pain in your arches like Satan just foot-raped you.


Chuck T's, jeans, and a white tee is all I need.


Chucks are great! I picked up my first pair for training purposes about 3-4 years ago.

I picked up two more pairs a few months ago. One as a backup for training and the other pair for kicking it around town.

I prefer to train barefoot or in the Chucks.


i am going to go dig up my one stars from the grunge era next leg day.

hot pink all stars would be a good ice breaker with the girl on the bike next to you, as well. though i might go for a lime green before pink.


I've got a pair of OD green for lifting, wearing, whatever. The cool thing is you can mow the lawn in them and never tell any difference in the coloring.


Great pic, is your safety rack next to gallons of paint, and sacks of cement, thats hardcore, sure you have great workouts there.
I am Boca Raton what part of fl?



Yeah, there is a shelf with all sorts of paint to one side of my power rack. Along with some 50lb bags of sand that I used to make some of my sandbags. On the other side of the rack is my lawnmower with the radio (old school boombox) sitting on top of it, a milk crate (for box squats) and my weight tree. My car fits in the garage to the side of the power rack and against the wall are shelves of car supplies for oil changes and repairs and tools.

I'm up in Gville (UF).


How is it that 90% of the guys on this forum are like 5'7 or shorter? Natedawg that bench you're laying on looks gigantic.



Man, most of the guys on this site are taller than 5'7"!

That's the smallest bench I could find where I can actually keep my feet flat on the ground!

I need another one now. I somehow managed to bend it. I'd like one a little lower...and stronger.


I'd heard a piece on the radio years ago that they'd finally made the decision to outsource the manufacturing of Chucks, though they'd remain under the Converse name, hence my mentioning it. Not that it matters.


Hmm maybe its just the custom ones that are still made here, all my custom chucks come form Tennesee i believe.