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I Love Masteron Propionate

Might be fairly tissue selective for AR in the scalp, doesn’t necessarily correlate to systemic androgenicity. If it did, primobolan wouldn’t be one of the more commonly abused AAS within the female demographic.

Can link studies wherein methenolone enanthate is well tolerated (relatively speaking) in women with ER positive breast cancer. 400-1200mg/wk primo was tolerated at an equitable, if not superior rate to 300mg T/wk.

I say relative as polycythemia, dyslipidemia, anginia, cramping and virilization was noted in many

My hairline has been receding over the past year or so. Months back I purchased minoxidil and ketaconazole shampoo but haven’t been applying it regularly. I suppose I don’t really care about hair loss, my prime focus relates to my perceived daily level of discomfort. If this is minimised given the many issues I have then I’m a happy camper

I agree with this. At the same time though, I would take systemic androgenicity being high vs systemic androgenicity being low, but really high in the scalp. Just me. I value my hair. Get lots of compliments on it. It doesn’t have to be important to everyone. If it wasn’t to me, Primo high dose would be on deck for the next blast.

Should be noted, my dosages outlined are considered very conservative. Not everyone can handle high dosages of AAS, hell some can’t even handle 100mg test/wk be it due to autonomic dysfunction, polycythemia, BPH and the likes. I CAN take higher dosages and I have (once), but I’m prone to side effects, particularly relating to autonomic dysregulation. There have been positives however, given my PRE-trt baseline vs now the difference is substantial relating too overall energy, physical prowess/capability, daily level of discomfort etc. The “additive” elements had a role to play too. Given all that has transpired over the last few years I have my regrets, but this isn’t one of them although I’m sure some level of long term damage has been imparted upon me.

the AAS using demographic is generally one of good health/genetic material (lol). I state this as many for whatever reason have medical ailments of which impede them to step foot in a gym (POTS, inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue disorders come to mind). This is one of the reasons as to why I find it irritating when people talk about the purported safety of AAS.

For healthy people, the primary deleterious effects showcase decades down the line. For those who are otherwise forgotten about, the extremely susceptible demographics; 175mg test/wk might cause their heart to explode…

Just food for thought for anyone who reads this

Hair loss… regardless of what you use, if you’re susceptible and continue using chances are you’ll lose the hair. @mnben87

I don’t think hair loss is and either or in regards to genetics. I think it is a spectrum. I think I am far closer to the good side of the spectrum. I have really good hair for someone 33 y/o (most would say I have 0 hair loss so far, but I am suspecting a bit of thinning on the crown). I am also using a bit of finasteride (0.5 mg M,W,F) to help. I haven’t seen any negatives with it. Libido seems up actually. I figure an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I think with hair loss, that AAS can move you down the spectrum. A guy who would have had good hair until 60, maybe only has good hair until 50 with AAS.