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I Love Masteron Propionate

I just wanted to take a moment and say that I love Masterson!!!
I always liked the enanthate or at least I thought I did until I tried the prop.

The veins…

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I wonder what I would look like. I’m nearly the most vascular at my gym, at 14ish percent body fat (in a cut ATM).

Do you feel any strenght or endurance increase or is it purely for aesthetics?

Right now I’m experimenting with 10mg of EBS that’s a day. When I would do like even a 40mg shot all at once it would start crashing my estrogen lol I’m just very sensitive. Or more likely it further lowered my already low SHBG which I’ve been raising with hcg and nolvadex so hopefully I’ll be more successful

More aggression

Pics or it doesn’t count. What you down to man weight wise?

Been dropping weight. I am under 200 lbs now. Was hovering around the 205-208ish range for a while. I still need to lose some belly fat (seems the last to go for me). I have a 6 pack flexing, but it gets blurry without a flex.

I am not the most vascular at the gym. Another guy has straight up garden hose veins. I am top couple though, and for a hardcore gym that is pretty good. People comment on it, including women. One of them is fascinated with my shoulder veins, and will poke at them occasionally. I only mention the women, because I believe if they make a comment, it must really be noteworthy. I have yet to get a muscle complement though :frowning:


Stock up while you can, raws just about doubled in price. And that’s assuming you can find anyone who actually has the raws. China is cracking down on a handful of raw steroids because of the environmental damage caused by their manufacturing process, so mast and anavar are now a lot more rare than they were six weeks ago.

Wouldn’t a new country take over? India looks like a damn good contender

Damn you’re gonna lose that powerlifter look… bring on the aesthetics!!! I got told for the umpteenth time yesterday that I looked bigger from somebody I hadn’t seen in awhile, yet I’m still down in weight. Albeit I’ve gained back 10lbs (~195).

@now_i_care I never got super vascular from Mast Prop. It’s still one of my favorites though. So far HGH has been the only thing to add veins to me. What dosages are you running?

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Less so than an equitable dose of testosterone though.

What is EBS?

I guess I should have given a whole picture.

I recently got in my new raws. FINALLY made a truely painless test 400 (cyp/enan blend).
Right now I am running, and I’m an established user, 800 test, 800 EQ (really is bold undecan and bold cyp blend) and after I was three weeks in I added 350mgs of mast prop but I dose 50mgs per day. I really think short esters take on a whole new quality when injected daily.

So you guys can now understand what I mean when I say VEINS. I am getting the fullness from the EQ then all the crazy detail from the mast.

To be honest I have not noticed this kind of a difference since my very first stack years and years and years ago.

I typed enanthate and it autocorrected. I did 2 days at 10mg of mast E and already experienced crash e2 symptoms lol

Why in hell would you mix E and Cyp lol

And yes for tren if I don’t pin ED I get much worse sides

Speaking of boldennoe undecylenate

@lordgains check this out Trenbolone undecanoate - Wikipedia

Imagine the hell for anyone who takes this but can’t handle trenbolone :laughing:

Why not? The difference between the two is marginal, they’re both interchangeable.

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The reason for blending the two tests is even though you still have 400mgs per ml you only have 200mgs of cup and 200mgs of enanthate. It is much easier to hold the final brew at lower mgs per ml like 200. I know it doesn’t make since because you still have 400mgs but having only 200 of each is easier to hold and easier to brew a painless product. So really in this case blending is just to make an easier, nicer product.

As far as blending the two boldenones, this was done so it will kick in quicker. And it DOES!!!

I am not pinning the mast every day because of sides. I am doing it because it, just like every other short ester I have tried, comes ALIVE in a new way when I pin it everyday. Just try it next time you use a short ester. Instead of 100mgs EOD split it to 50mgs ED and then try to tell me it doesnt give you some sort or “More” with the finished result. Every hormone is different so it varies but so far everything I have tried has done it.

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My supplier has this exact blend. I haven’t tried it yet, but most report it is low pip for 400 mg/mL. It is also $24/vial, so it is about as cheap as one can find Test not being in raw form.

You know what’s better than masteron? Primobolan (at least I think so).

Anecdotally doesn’t have the libido increase masteron has, also devoid of the androgenic sides I’ve noted with mast (acne, oily skin). Mast also gives me cramps/fucks with cardio due to cramping.

Primo = more mass gain, mast = mass gain, but you’re looking at like 2lbs from 200mg/wk (for an intermediate duration of time) whereas I gained (and KEPT) 5lbs from primo, BF% seemed to have decreased slightly.

Primo feels like you aren’t using anything… until six weeks in when you notice your bench 10rm has gone up 15-20lbs, you have never ending endurance during workouts (the ability to keep going for 2.5 hours AND go for a run afterwards) and vascularity starts to show. Unlike mast/test/whatever it doesn’t appear to do much cosmetically… well it makes my waist look “tighter” but that’s about it. Perhaps I didn’t run it high enough? (this was a little while ago, ran it at 200mg/wk, 300mg/wk for about a month with 75mg test/wk). Was putting around 16-18 hours in the gym per week at the time of use

My libido was suuuuuuppppper low while on, presumably due to E2 being through the floor. Joint pain/chronic tendonitis became worse than usual towards the end.

Both royally fuck up my HDL far more than testosterone ever could (test had no impact on my lipids, even at dosages of 200-250mg/wk).

Anyway, that’s my commentary Primo over mast any day of the year (my stuff was HPLC tested)

The strongest substance (and my favourite by far, but not something I’d use for more than 14 days/yr) is anadrol. Not observable side effects for me aside from slight water retention. Otherwise quick boost in strength, “gains on rent” etc.

Last time I used it for 8 days, gained 10lbs of watery/glycogen filled goodness, seemed to have kept 2 (ish). I’m slightly over 170 in weight, though I’m 5’5 so ehhhhh.

Currently (and have been for a while) on 125mg T/wk, gonna bulk up a little bit without any assistance, re assess later in the year. That being said, I never detail what I use or when I use (anymore). I don’t want any sort of validation/encouragement for my irresponsibility.


I think of mast and primo as some of the most androgenic compounds one can take, because of their impact on hair (the androgenic side I care the most about, because acne or oily skin go away after cessation, but hair loss is permanent, or most of the time permanent). On paper both are low androgenic, but I don’t care about on paper, I care about the actual sides people get.