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I Love Food!!!

Hello all,

First I’d just like to say that I’ve been a huge fan of T-Nation since way before it was T-Nation, but I never had any interest to participate in the online discussion portion until now. I need your help.

Historically, I have been a very fit person. By this I mean for the majority of my life I have been active and had been blessed w/ a super high metabolism. Over the past few years, however, all that has changed.

I went from a fit 165 pounds to an out-of-shape 190+ in a year give or take a few months.

The typical “age effects” plus having a technical job that requires me to be in front of a computer 14 hours a day (in some cases) rather than physical labor have really taken their toll. The addition of settling down into married life and having a kid has also added to this.

I know the answer is simple. Exercise dammit! MAKE time! Get Motivated! DO IT! But it’s not that easy to get started, as some of you may know, but may not be willing to admit.

The problem I have is how do you “make” time? There are only so many hours in a day. And other things take up those hours almost entirely. How / when do you do it?

Also, I love food. Plain and simple. I love to eat. And I find that if I try substituting protein shakes for meals of even snacks I feel empty and wanting more; even if I’m full. I just need the act of eating. And real flavors!

Is this all just a matter of discipline? Should I just suck it up, hate my life for a while, and eventually I’ll get used to it? Or is there a more agreeable path to this?

All of your input is welcome and appreciated. I obviously need to make some changes, but not in just one or two areas of my life.


What the hell STFU!! Did you tear your uterus or did you sprain your vagina!!
Get in the gym and train!!!

I’m sorry STFU just kidding man, I’ve been having some of the same problems as you. I started reading Dr. Phils…Uh let’s forget about that last sentence. You really need to make time for working out, whether it’s getting up an hour earlier to sneak in your workouts. Just try to find the time.

I too struggle with food, I just love it. As far as drinking protein shakes I started adding a 1/2 cup oats to them for my P+C meals. That helped me not have that empty feeling in my stomach. I’m sure more peeps will chime in with more to say. Keep fighting the fight!

I couldn’t stop looking at your avatar long enough to read your post.

HAHA! That first answer was very “T-Nation”! True to form!

Yeah, I’m like a fish in a tank: if I there’s food around, I will eat.

What other advice would you have on the food issue? Or how about getting mentally prepared / motivated to stick to a diet / program?

As far as motivation, just imagine sticking it in your avatar.
Seriously, you are just going to have to suck it up. You don’t have to jump into an extremely restrictive diet immediately. Start off with “baby steps”.
Once your body gets used to the correct kinds and amounts of the foods it needs you will have an easier time with cravings, etc.
Be tough, you can do it, and if you slip up a little don’t just give in all the way. Make a correction and move on.

Do you eat appropriately during the day at work?

Can you stop at the gym on the way home?

Is your family interested in getting into fitness as well?

Does your local gym have a child minding center built in?

If you are working long hours, can you take an extended break or lunch?

If you don’t get any slack, can you find a more flexible job?

Stop bitching and start finding solutions already!

Not feeling full? Tough shit. Want more flavor, add spices or wait until cheat day. Otherwise, sack up and quit making excuses already.

Like you are unique and the rest of the world doesn’t like food…

I was the same way. I played college football but hadn’t done any real exercise since I got married (10 years ago). I finally got pissed off enough that I needed to do something. I worked (IT as well) all day then went home to 3 kids. After working all day I couldn’t justify taking another hour or more to go to a gym. So I bought a treadmill 4 years ago, put it in the basement, got up an hour earlier, and started running. The store I bought the treadmill at threw in some crappy hydraulic universal machine that I ignored initially. After a couple of months of running I was feeling a better so I tried the machine. It wasn’t great but I was able to get that “sore” feeling again and I started to remember how it felt to really work out. I’ve since replaced the machine with some nice home gym equipment and I’ve been working out 3-6 days a week (depends on my workout plan) for the last 4 years. Once I started working out again, it became a lot easier to start eating correctly. I didn’t want to erase all my hard work that morning because I couldn’t resist some Krispy Kreme’s someone had brought into the office. It didn’t happen overnight but little by little it got easier and easier to eat better food.


[quote]apayne wrote:
Seriously, you are just going to have to suck it up. You don’t have to jump into an extremely restrictive diet immediately. Start off with “baby steps”.

Once your body gets used to the correct kinds and amounts of the foods it needs you will have an easier time with cravings, etc.

Be tough, you can do it, and if you slip up a little don’t just give in all the way. Make a correction and move on.[/quote]

All very good advice. Thanks!

I think I will continue to use this thread as my “log” of sorts. Dunno about posting pics, but if nothing else it’ll give me a place to record how it goes. And get some much-needed feedback from you all.

Really “baby-step” way to make time.

Write down what you are doing all day. And not 9-5 @ work!

Get down every time you watch TV, every time you eat every time you leave the house every time you spank the monkey- whatever. You’ll soon find that you actually f***k away an unbelieveable amount of time.

If nothing can be changed or you cant see where to add workouts in post your “time log” here.

As for the taste thing- just work out what your favorite foods are and then find the t-nation version. Poss check out johnberardi.com for the new book.

Having to eat horrible food to “diet” is a load of toromerde. Seems to me that i eat a huge variety of food. You want to be full? Eat oats dont blend them.

The great thing about being at your stage of what some might see as “silly” excuses is that you can help yourself to solve the problems really easily- good experience for when the stuff that is actually tough to arrange- like taking two cool bags to work and forcing yourself to train while not even the sun is up.


One more thing STFU, even if we were to tell you keep a food log, train at this time, say this mantra to get you motivated into the gym, etc., etc. You still need some kind of pressure to make sure you stick to these things.

I know your saying “What the hell are you talking about Sancho”? Well I’ll tell you grasshopper. Participate in a bodybuilding show, post pictures on this forum (that is if your not wanted by the law ;), whatever it is that will drive you to really stick to your diet and training.

Like it’s been said baby steps, but make sure you set some kind of goal. Put some pressure on yourself by setting a date by when your goal will be accomplished. Peace out!!!

[quote]ArnldNaledUrMom wrote:
I couldn’t stop looking at your avatar long enough to read your post.[/quote]

Ditto for me man. Like every other word, just drool…

If you love food, pick up a copy of Berardi’s “Gourmet Nutrition” book. FANTASTIC recipes that will easily supplant those frequent protein drinks you mention.

Wow, thanks again guys. This is one seriously tight knit and helpful community!

I start tonight. I always try to say “OK, I will start next Monday” (just to make it easy to remember when I started, etc). But it never works. Something comes up, I forget, whatever.

I’ll come up w/ a goal and put it up here tomorrow. You’re right; I need a little pressure to do this. May not be a show or anything, but it’s something. At least I’ll have the illusion that someone else might actually be interested in what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I also have a demanding techical job; family; and love of food. And I got fat too!

A few ideas:

(a) Determine three times during the week in which you ought to be able to work out. Write down those times and stick to them religiously.

(b) Make sure you’re eating often enough. Eating frequently (every few hours) has a profound effect on my willpower for resisting other foods.

© Consider some healthy foods that have texture/crunch and require chewing. Nuts, celery, etc. I can’t explain why but it seems to help me.

(d) Learn to make the most of your new food choices. Despite being accomplished cook it took me some time to adapt to the new ingredients. Ultimately, healthy
food can be pleasurable. Even the daily routine stuff. But it will require some effort and creativity.

Post your pics on here, I did and it’s helped me stay motivated. I don’t want people looking at my jiggly belly all day so, it keeps me in the basement plugging away. Check out this article for some help too. http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=508772
Good Luck!

To-Shin Do

Damn, VROOM. I have always enjoyed your comments. What made you snap on this one? Bad day?

Oh, I don’t mind the ribbing. I don’t take offense to any of it. No mercy, as far as I’m concerned. You can’t go soft on us lard-asses and expect results, right? :wink:

[quote]ArnldNaledUrMom wrote:
I couldn’t stop looking at your avatar long enough to read your post.[/quote]

What post?

Try this tuna recipe if you cannot stand the taste of dry tuna and you don’t want to add any fat to it. I just experimented with this the first time today, but I’m sure by playing around with the different ingredient amounts you can get it to taste even better. The main thing is, you can make a low fat, high protein creamy base by blending up cottage cheese.

In a blender put:
1/2 cup 1% or fat free cottage cheese
1 tbsp vinegar
1/2 tbsp artificial sweetener like Splenda
1 tsp water
1 tsp mustard (omit if you want)
Sprinkle of garlic powder
Sprinkle of onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Blend these together until mayo like consistency. Stop halfway and scrape down the sides of the blender. Try it and add more salt if you want. There should be enough there for two cans of tuna. Add other things to your tuna like chopped celery and dill.

Wow, a thread I can actually give advice on!

You must do 4 things, IMO. I used to be in exactly your job situation hours wise, and I know how much cortisol you’re pumping out and how tired it’s making you.

  1. you need to find an 8 hour a day job, period. If you keep this up, you’ll never watch your child grow up and never be healthy. Heart attack, stress, aging prematurely.

  2. until that is possible, you MUST enlist your family into a healthier eating lifestyle of as much unproccessed food as possible. Follow Berardi’s ideas of making meals for the entire week on Sunday, even if it’s just lunches and snacks for you, so that you can have healthy alternatives at your desk all day long. Stop visiting the snack machines and fast food joints. Don’t tell me you’re not doing it. Buy a giant bag of nuts or something and have it handy when you just can’t stand not to snack.

  3. You have two days off a week? Those are your gym time if that’s all you got. Walk on your lunch hour every day. It may not build a greek good out of you, but it’ll carve off sme of your flab, and help manage stress.

  4. you must get adequate sleep. If you’re working this hard, TV better not be an option for you.