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I Love Dbol


I've always done injectibles, primarily test e, having been around guys who exchewed orals for "liver damage."

Well, some dbol fell into my hands, which I ignored for months due to the above. For grins, I took a grand total of one pill Saturday AM a hour or so before working out.

My entire body felt like an erection, in a good way, to paraphrase Arnold. Lasted most of the day.

I looked good, too. Just enough bloat to round the muscle bellies. (I am a tall skinny fuck by nature; I doubt I've ever broken 10% body fat, and I've tried.)

Felt cocky (well, cockier), to the point that I knew I had to reel it in, or I'd do stupid shit, like calling ex-girlfriends. Hell, I hit on the checkout lady at Wal-Mart.

I know this adds little or nothing to the collective knowledge of the board, and for that I apologize, but it's like my first pussy or something, and I had to share.

Curious if anyone uses dbol on just heavy days in this fashion.


in before he realizes it wasn't dbol and/or realizes how truly stupid this post was....


I think it is more a placebo affect unless your Dbol was dosed at 50+ mg per pill.



I know the post is stupid, but it is dbol, straight from the mfg.

I believe dbol has dopamine effects; this may be what made me feel so damn good.




40mg will make a NOTICEABLE difference in pumps and fullness. I think the rest was placebo.



25mg makes a noticeable difference in pumps and mood. That's with a bunch of test floating around too.

I definitely don't love dbol. It makes me feel very aggressive, which I don't care for outside of the weight room, but it's hard to argue with results.


I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing!


DBol does precisely all of the above. I get tremendous feelings of well being (and general awesomeness) on Anavar and Dbol, as well as a huge performance increase.

Also as I creep above 50mg of either I start to feel like a bloated anadrol carcass, 25-50mg is bang on for feeling great.

Methandrostenolone <3

Dr. Ziegler, I salute you.


I felt the same way on 40mg of Anavar. Just felt great ready to workout all the time.


Today, I split the pill in half and took 1/2 at 5:00am (I go to work EARLY). I got almost the same effect, but most of all I love how I FEEL. Energized.

Curious if very low dose dbol is safe longer-term, purely as a mood enhancer.


The mind is a powerful thing. I have taken 50mg's of dbol to jump a cycle off and the pumps and agression are pretty good. Not sure if I felt it after the first day though.


50 mg of dbol would make my hands go limp from the pumps and id be a total dick(which i liked), only tried it twice, not a cycle, just tried it


I'm so jealous of you guys. I didn't feel any emotional differences during my cycle. Everyone talked about how great it feels and all that shit, but I haven't had any of that.


add A-50 and enjoy that ride.....


Actually it reportedly is even good for re-stimulating test production in doses up to 10 mg/day according to some.


How many different compounds have you tried?


Here's a strange effect, I am pretty fucking sore from this stuff --- from where I worked out hard. Pecs, in particular.

Is this an effect, or just soreness because I feel awesome and am working out harder?

Not unpleasant at all, just notable.


Probably because you're training harder. I was using 25mg pre-training throughout my cycle, and it was a nice little boost.

On the other hand, as little as 30mg ED in divided doses makes me anti-social, aggressive, and brings my temper to the surface. I am usually a very laid-back guy, but you don't want to be around me right now. I had to talk myself down from punching a car today while I was walking to work because the driver was on his phone and almost hit me while turning into a crosswalk.

It's amazing in the gym, though, since I can channel all that aggression into my training, and the extra bloat means better leverage. If it didn't make me strong as shit, I don't think I could handle two weeks of being a generally unpleasant person.

This seems to be an individual thing, though. One of my training partners loves dbol, another one has exactly the problems I do with it.

EDIT: Another shitty thing about taking dbol ED is the constant lower back pump... just not a compound that agrees with me. I get all the emotional sides at as little as 30mg ED, I don't start to get the lower back pump until about 50mg ED.


I'm on my first cycle, and since it's way too early to feel the Test E, I think it's D-bol that almost made me cry at the end of Kung Fu Panda 2. But in a good way hahahahha.