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I Lost a Bet


me and Trigwu had a bet... I lost, so it looks like I have to use the miami avatar as my logo for a while... 100 posts. Wellp... 99 to go.


You nancy. You're lucky I'll let you get away with that little caption there.


I can go back to having a decent avatar once I hit my 812 post... this is gonna take a while

98 more


Ahahahaha, looks like you are not honoring the spirit of the bet yet though... the wording kinda nullifies the use of the logo doesn't it?


I'll help you use a post...
What was the bet?




The bet was that Miami would beat Colorado. Loser had to put the avatar up for 100 posts.

However, interesting to note... in order for CU to put up the avatar Miami had to cover the spread as well. So had Miami won by less than 14 I would have had to put up the CU avatar despite Miami winning.

So not only did Miami win... we won by 20.

Should've been 27 but their quarterback is a panzy who got blocked at the end and complained enough to draw a personal foul against Miami (calling back a TD). So really the 23-3 score should be something along the lines of 30-3 :).

But a W is a W.

Go Canes.


I wonder how mad the mods would be if you started your own thread and just kept replying to it with:






I suppose that, too, would violate the spirit of the bet.

Hey TriGWU - How's your training going? I got a quick peak at your log on the road to the Iron Man. Although many people here may frown on endurance stuff, if you complete an Iron Man, you've got some balls, man. Good luck!


MikeTheBear, we love a good bet, so we'd never allow the loser to get away that easy. :wink:



so you don't like the SUCKS part? You only said you wanted the U, I used one but if the SUCKS part is too much, I'll take it off...



vroomster, weren't you supposed to post as "I love GWBUSH" for a while because kerry lost the election? I don't think I remember you doing that... or I could have just blacked out those months from my mind.


Training is going great. I must say this will be my most productive off-season yet. I wouldn't even consider it an off-season.

Ever since I started up with Triathlon I have always favored the new school training methods. Respect the old school philosophiess but always entertain the new school methods. I train with Cressey and he follows that same mentality.

As I say... training their way gets you their records... training your way gets you your records.

My race weight last season was about 162 @ 7% body fat. I'm using the off season to flirt with a higher race weight and with Cressey's experience I am sure I can get much leaner. I'll be posting updated training pics soon, I am a bit overdue.


Here it is without my spin on it... enjoy.


Yeah, vroom. Welchers can't point fingers.


Well that's what you get for rooting for a bunch of bums like CU.

Now if you were for a good team like Colorado State then I could see a bet being a good idea :smiley:


Nice one guys.


This explains my private message to you.


AHAHAHA! That game was so much fun. For anyone who has never experienced the student section at a UM game (or any D1 school for that matter), you're missing out!


This years CU vs CSU game was probably the most exciting game I've been to in a while. 27 total points scored in the last 5 minutes (21 by CU) made it exceptionally bad ass. As a matter of fact, the celebration on the field afterward was the first real page of SI On-Campus last week. It was cool, not storm the field cool, but pretty damn sweet none the less.

Now I just have to figure out how CSU keeps giving us a run for our money every year in the opener... next year it's at Invesco field, going down there for the games are the best! (bigger crowd)


I got that and told you about this thread, I guess it's circular logic.