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I Lost 8 Pounds in 1 Day


And I'm pissed!

I just got back from the gym yesterday after a tough TBT workout where I did front squats and deads in the same day, and I felt great.

I take my post-workout drink that I always do, then about 30 minutes later I feel nauseous and I was shivering uncontrollably. I'm able to hold it in for 15 more minutes before having to puke, 5 times.

I feel so drained that I couldn't stay sitting in my bed and had to lay down. I wasn't able to turn my body or lift my arms for about 20 minutes.

I got real nauseous again and had to make another trip to the toilet. I feel a little better this time and it feels like my fever breaks. This lasts about 20 minutes before feeling extremely tired again and couldn't move, then had to puke again.

This went on about 8 more times throughout the night and the last time I puked/dry heaved was around 3:30 AM.

I still feel light headed and tired but at least I can keep some food and water down.

So from 2:30 yesterday afternoon, until around 6:00 this morning I only ate 3 crackers (all of which came back up). For breakfast I was able to hold down half a banana and a small portion of oats. This is all right when my body needed nutrients the most.

Okay, rant over.


We'll know you're better when you can eat 0.9 of the banana.


Sounds like the 24hr. flu? Hopefully most of that weight is in water. I'd like to know how much you actually lost after you are able to completely rehydrate. By the way, make sure you only eat .4 of that remaining banana, and not the full half.


Dammit Will Ferrel beat me to it.


um, k.


It looks like you need to have a Gatorade party...


Nssty ass virus of some kind.

We have had several strains running around our town ranging from full on puking for 24 hours to the one I had where you feel as if someone is repeatedly hitting you in the stomach with a hammer, but no nausea, sicknes, nothing but pain.

For 5 full days.

And yes, I went to the doctor.


thats really weird that u got food poisoning from a pwo shake... what was in that thing???


Apparently not 0.9 of a banana.


I feel for ya, man. I cannot stand puking. I will fight puking with everything I have, even when I know that puking would make me feel much better.

I must be puke-o-phobic..........

Hope you feel better now. And gain some weight, eh?

\|/ 3Toes


F the Gatorade, drink Pedialite.


Puking is the BEST ab exercise. My abs are sore as shit the next day.

Syrup of Ipicac Saturdays = Sore abs Sundays



The last time I seriously puked it was only the second time I had drank in about 6 months and I downed 8 or 9 pepsi ones each mixed with 2oz of vodka....in 30-45 minutes. 5 hours later I was on my bathroom floor....


Atleast you can call yourself shredded for a few days.


Allways wash yor shaker bottle.


Well, I was able to eat yesterday, but not nearly as much as usual. I was hungry but got full realy quick.

I gained back 4 of the 8 pounds I lost and now they're gone again this morning (probably water weight again).

Now I'm 100% and today's breakfast is going to be huge.

I don't know how much this is going to set me back, but I planned on gaining mass for a while.

I was getting a little too fat anyway, but I doubt this helped with fat in any way. I probably lost some muscle.

And the .9 banana is only if you're being trained by an over-paid celebrity trainer who probably knows less than half the people on this site.


Do you think it was a virus or do you think you massively overtaxed your nervous system? From the acute reaction it kind of sounds like the latter.


I agree. The Pedialyte wasn't a bad idea either if you ever have those acute symptoms again.


Possibly a combination of both?

Both of my parents, my sister and my nephew all had the same thing, but neither of them had it as bad as me.

My mother felt nauseous, but neither of them actually threw-up, and they all felt very weak, but they never claimed not to be able to simply roll over.

Pushing myself out of bed was very difficult when I had to throw-up again, and nearly impossible when I first got back into bed.

And although I feel better now, my appetite still isn't where it used to be. After this morning's breakfast and about 16 oz. of water I still only weigh 181 pounds.

I was up to 188 before I got sick, but that was the most I ever weighed so it's not like my body is used to being at that weight.

I think I still have some pedialite left over from when my daughter needed it. It couldn't hurt since I had a lot of liquids coming out of places that liquid just shouldn't come out of.


Wasn't necessarily food poisoning from the shake/bottle. The dirtiest thing in the gym are the barbells/dumbbells, not the benches.

My mom happened to catch something on the news, then felt the need to call me. So, now I have one more thing to obsess about. File that under "Things I was better off not knowing."