I Lose 2-4lbs In My Sleep

when i step on the scale in the morning right after i climb off the bed, it is usually about 2.5 lbs lighter than when i climbed into bed. few days ago i overslept to a total of 12 hours and lost about 4. is this normal? what causes it? how can i stop this? or atleast reduce it?

Don’t take a shit before getting on the scale…works for me.

You do burn k/cals produce heat and expend energy while you sleep and your not taking anything in just dehydration over night can be most of that.


how to stop it drink a BIG glass of water before bed and when ever you wake to pee have another one and some food or a big protein shake


That’s one helluva drooler…

[quote]4est wrote:
That’s one helluva drooler…[/quote]



i drooled as a kid, not anymore
i think its all sweating

It could be sweating but, you do not neccesarily have to sweat to dehydrate. I am very susceptible to dehydration overnight even if I fill up on water before sleep and during the night when I wake.

ok so is this just water im losing or is it something more. if its just water then theres nothing to worry about? the time i overslept, it made a huge dip in my weight graph, which took almost a week to recover

Did you oversleep after a night of drinking or something?

I’m afraid it might be brain cells… the end is near!

stop breathing, that way you will not be metabolizing carbon any longer and the weight loss from water and CO2 vented in your breath will cease. unfortunately so will you.