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I Look 9 Months Pregnant


Hey, i keep seeing these powerful images and all the guys have a flat six pack. My stomach, however, sticks out like im pregnant. Im a guy, so im not pregnant, and im not fat. I have 7% body fat. I am skinny weighing only 125 at 5' 9". When i suck in my gut, i do have a six pack. Why does my stomach stick out? Can i fix it?

P.S. I know how skinny I am, and i'm working on it. Yes i eat 3000 calories per day and my weight is going up. I would appreciate comments on topic rather than my weight.

Thank you ahead of time for you support.


You 125 lbs at 5'9" Build something on top of that like a chest etc and it wont stick out and these guys you see are posing trying to look there best. At uber Low BF and flexing every damn muscle they have



if that is a pic of you in your avatar then that is a very funny post


No, you can't fix it. You can only live with it. And hold it in.

Have you seen 9 months pregnant? Dude, you'd need like a quarter million dollars worth of beer to look nine months pregnant.

Like Phill wrote, build a chest and it won't look like it is sticking out as much.


Ok Thanks for the advice. And i am sucking in my gut like no other in that avatar. Thats why i look good.




lol. How many months preganant are you?

It may be a posture thing. I used to slump my shoulders and it made my gut look bigger. Deadlifts, squats, goodmornings and stuff like that fixed my posture.


Um kid, you don't look good in that picture no matter how much you suck in your stomach. You probably also don't even look nearly as fat as you think. And if you can't stand to lose your six pack you're never gonna build an impressive body. Post your diet. I'm interested.


I too have something like that. My tummy just hangs out like I'm pregnant. Personally I think its intra abdominal fat/ visceral fat.

Don't ask me what I do for this- cause I don't do anything about it. I have some other priorities right now.

Of course, it might also be because your ab muscles are not strong enough and/or posture.
In your case I would suggest not to worry about it too much. Just concentrate on bringing up your overall size and strength.


Good? Dude, if you had turned any further to the side for that picture you would have disappeared. All you look is about 12 years old.


By any chance does this happen when you have FOOD in your stomach? Any bloating from actually having a full stomach on someone your size will make it stick out


everyones gut hangs out if they slouch and let it hang out, EVERYONES.

My little brother is about as skinny as you can get and his does.

Get over your insecurities and eat.


Your internal organs are as subject to gravity as is the rest of you, but don't have any bones to hang them on. Your guts are basically held in by a big bag, the front of which is you abdominal muscles.

Relax the muscles, and the bag slumps. It's normal. Tensing your belly all the time is not. And standing up straight will still not get rid of all of it unless you unnaturally hyperextend your spine. which is unhealthy.


125 lbs at 5'9?! Man, when I started training (sophmore year in college) I weighed 150lbs at 5'9, and you know what? I looked like a skinny bastard. Sure I ran track, boxed and did martial arts, so I obviously must have had some muscle on me, but I was a f*cking stick bro.

AInt no way you look "good" at that weight. Chances are it's your spine potruding foward. Worry about bringing everything else up and eventually you're stomach will look small (I thought my ass stuck out a bit, so I made my back grow easy as that -lol)



I also think it could be visceral fat. That was my problem. It seems to be the last to go. I was very lean all over but still had the pregnant powerlifting belly. Besides being the last to go it's also the most dangerous fat to have, even for skinny people.

I had read that alcohol was a contributor to this. I don't know what your drinking habits are but when I cut way back on the booze I was finally able to loose it. Shugart and Dan John talk about this in their article about the V-diet a while back.


Assuming you havent been scared off yet...

If you have a narrow waist, as you have, and are currently eating a lot you can look like youre going to give birth to your last meal!

As you train and gain muscular weight you'll (hopefully) see that stomach look smaller relatively, and with the stomach muscles being developed too your posture is enhanced.

In other words, you'll probably be fine.


Nuff said.


if you guys are so harsh on weight and whatnot what do you consider to be a "normal" weight for someone who is 6' 1


A "normal" weight for 6'1" would be 175-185 depending on frame.

We are not "normal". We want to look bigger than most, we want to lift more than most. So I would think a solid 205-210 would be the minimum for 6'1".


I agree with the majority of the comments here concerning posture. To correct these flaws I refer you to read neaderthal no more articles and also to read any of the articles from Mike Robertson or Eric Cressey (they can be hard to digest but well worth it).

Please note I do not reccomend you do the neaderthal no more exercise plan because you need to find a work out plan that more suits your training age.

My recomendations are get some knowledge on posture and implement some exercises into your routine.

Long Live The Body Science