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I Little Confused

I’ll try to keep this brief.

35 y/o
205 lbs.
approx. 12% bf
thin wrists and ankles and not much muscle
in descent shape from running, just not much muscle

I have played around with weights for years, just never stuck with it. Now I have a new job that frees up a lot of time. I am going to choose a routine and stick with it. The problem is that I’m confused. I am familiar with all the techniques, exercises etc. There is just so much conficting info. here that my head is spinning.

My goal is equal amounts of strength and size. Fyi, last summer I did the Waterbury Method for 6 weeks. I did get stronger, however, didn’t look a bit different. Didn’t even lose fat. Was on the Anabolic diet.

So would Ripptoes be a good routine for size/strength? Seems like low volume.

Basically, I am looking for a few suggestions. Thanks

SS may be low volume, but if you do it right you won’t want anymore volume.

Build a foundation, in and out of the gym, first then worry about hypertrophy. Which means get strong, then bodybuild.

Diet is going to play a pretty big role too.

Starting Strength is a good routine. So long as you’re eating enough and growing slowly, you will gain both strength and size.

Other than that, the top four threads on this forum you should read. They contain a lot of basic information that’ll clarify a great deal of diet and training information. They might also confuse you, but you’ll at least have a base of information to ask intelligent questions from.

If you’re already at 12%BF, how much change do you think you’re going to see in 6 weeks? Be realistic.

Thanks for the replies.

To SKW. I was hoping to see some improvement as my lifts were somewhat impressive in only six weeks. I was comparing my size to the last routine I stuck with for a couple months. It was a HIT method, going to failure and really buring out the muscle.

The thing is, after a few weeks I looked swollen, but I think that’s all it was. I didn’t gain strength the way I did on the Waterbury method. My wife did comment on how my arms looked though on the HIT method.

Guess I’m looking for both!

Thanks again