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I Like Big Squats I Can Not Lie


Damn, that is an intense program. I think if you’ve got time to give it a try and fit that training plan into your schedule, go for it! Considering where you are now, it might be good to transition into it with a more typical bodybuilding split like the program I posted, then hit the Eastern European program. But if you wanted to dive right in, I’m sure you’d still see solid results.

Do keep us updated with what you choose!

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My 5/3/1 forever book came in today. I have 8 weeks left in my CT 2A program. So plenty of time to read and digest. I’ll probably have to start a log now lol.


Start a log! It’ll be good for you.

5/3/1 Forever is a great book. When I have a kid and they get to that age of lifting, I’m gonna have them read that whole thing before even asking me anything lol.

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Catching up on your log, and this isn’t true, since I hear Shaggy singing Mr. Program Hoppa a la Mr. Boombastic whenever I see this thread. Let’s all jam to that song real quick.


HAHA, that song is great! Haven’t heard it in a while. Funny how you can remember lyrics of songs you haven’t heard in years!

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Lifitng at my house finally! So had to bring some olympic lifting back!


BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 5x15)

BENCH PRESS (ss: Chin-Ups - 5x15)
275x3 (PR!)
285x3 (PR!)

NICE way to break in the home gym with a bench press PR! 285 was explosive and I could have hit a lot more reps, so I’m good for 300+ now for sure. I mean it makes sense since I can OH Press over 200. I have the perfect leverages for bench press (t-rex arms), too bad I just don’t really care for it.

On a side note
So I splurged and decided to NOT get the SSB. I decided to actually go with a LOG! I ordered the Rogue Slater True log. Probably overkill, but I’ve worked too hard to not make one dumb (or great depending how you look at it) purchase.

My neighbors will know me as the short jacked dude thats lifting logs over his head haha! Plus lifting a big ass piece of wood overhead just looks cool. My wife says that’s the only reason I bought it lol.


@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar

Figured you guys would be the perfect people to ask this question.

So my log arrives by Tuesday and I think for the next few months I want start having a “strongman saturday” to start to get into the movements and start my process of getting into strongman (sorry @robstein @JMaier31 BBing will have to wait a while). I have the Iron Warrior gym thats about 45 minutes from me that has all the implements, but I want to get into a groove for a few months before committing to going to that gym every Saturday.

I’ll have a log, sandbag, rope, and I can make my own farmers walk handles in the mean time.

How should I structure my training? I think a 4 day split with an event day would be too much for my body. I think I’d prefer to do something like this:

Monday - Lift (Back Squat, Strict BB Press, Assistance)
Tuesday - Condition
Wednesday - Lift (Deadlift, Bench Press, Assistance)
Thursday - Condition
Friday - Lift (Clean, Front Squat, Assistance)
Saturday - Events (Log Press, Farmers Walk, Sandbag shit)
Sunday - Recover

Should I use the log on events day or should I make that my main press on one of the lifting days? Or should I just follow a regular full body program and just do the events on Saturday? Wouldn’t pressing (even for volume) on Friday affect my log press on Saturday?

I want to get the most out of a strongman Saturday so curious how you would handle it. Any information would be appreciated!

There is an event in June that has deadlift for reps, max log press, and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

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This should make me feel better about my shortcomings on pressing movements, but it doesn’t.

Since you’re built like a tree stump, I think you’ll look plenty jacked by doing strongman stuff, continuing your current stuff, and just eating right. You suck.


Haha, man if you are TALL it is way harder to press. My really good friend Derick is 6’2 with a 6’8 wing span and he can’t press for shit. But his first time deadlifting he was already pulling heavy weight lol.

Hahaha, I think being short has it’s pros and cons. I’m also light. I think I’d look too much being 5’7 and 190-200lbs vs the 178 I am currently. I physically just don’t want to eat anymore so I think I’ll just have to keep pushing the weights and see how much strength I can pack into my compact frame.


I have no idea what this feels like…

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I’ve honestly never done an events day based training for strongman to be able to say the best way to go about it. If I had your construct, I’d make log my press on Monday, do farmer’s for the conditioning on Tuesday and Sandbag on Thursday, and then I’d have an extra day for more gym lifts.

You could also train the press on the log on Monday and then work log clean techniques on your conditioning days or on that event day

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I’m feeling pretty fat at 5’9" 220lbs lol


Oh so now you’ve gotta show me up on Log Nutty?? I can’t ever win lol. Great investment man, cant wait to see what ridiculous numbers you put up on Log.

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You should REALLY check out Aaron Moody’s 531 strongman article.

It’s set up really similarly to what you laid out, and has a three day and a four day template.

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Thanks man, appreciate the input!

Lol, dude you are way thicker than me. I’m built more like an olympic lifter. How does your body at 5’9 like staying in that 210-220 range?

LOL, we all winning ourselves man! No competition here. Thanks man, the log should be fun. I got a feeling I’m gonna feel more manly haha!

Is this the one on elitefts? I’m reading through it right now. Cleans for 5x10? Fuck no man haha


Try 10x10.

…or 1x42


My traps just grew another inch reading that haha!


yea, but that’s fine. It’s training, so you don’t HAVE to be fully recovered all the time. The only time you need to be fully recovered in strongman is competition day. So if you’re regularly training, say, the log in a fatigued state, and you’re not hitting the numbers that you could fresh, but you are consistently training your pressing muscles, then you’ll still be fine.

In terms of raw strength, a log press is essentially the same as any other press. It just requires a little more stabilization, in general. The main purpose of your ‘strongman event training’ won’t necessarily be so much about getting stronger, building muscle, but it will be about becoming proficient with strongman implements. As you’re getting acclimated to things like the log, don’t worry so much about hitting particular set and rep schemes, and pushing to your absolute maximum capacity. Grind out good technique, learn to be robotic. That’s the path to becoming a good strongman.

We can talk more about the specifics of how to get good at certain events as you start to get used to them and we see what your issues are.

As to the split you run for now, I think the options you presented can all make sense. I, personally, like an event day, and that’s how I began in strongman. I essentially did a 5/3/1 sort of thing during the week, and just practiced events on Saturday. Now, my training is more complex, and I’m working with at least one implement almost every training session. So both approaches can work. I just the simplest is a dedicated strongman day.


Not bad at all, I feel healthy and moderately athletic (not dunking or doing backflips, however).
I do feel better when I’m a bit leaner, but I also enjoy pizza and pints. I can hold 220lbs these days with just eating what I would consider a “normal” diet (basically eating when hungry).


Thanks man, appreciate the input! I think I’ll stick to an “events” day for now just to get use to the implements and gain some form of basic mastery over them. When I sign up for a competition I think I’ll need to talk to you guys again to figure out more of a “game plan”. Thanks!

Me too man! I love tripels. Nice and light feeling but usually over 10% haha!