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I Like Big Squats I Can Not Lie


What the fuck are you? :joy:


Have you seen Men In Black… his one of them :slight_smile:

Awesome lifting and dunking Nutty

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As a taller guy who sucks at squatting I’m going to say that his height and squat numbers are no coincidence. :wink:

That’s the only explanation… Well, that or steroids. :smile:

@isdatnutty, you do have some good genetics. Strength training is slow and not everyone can apply that strength in an explosive manner like jumping. Your strength is a big factor in those hops, but you’re lucky to be able to recruit all the muscle fibers and contract them forcefully and rapidly to jump like that.

And I know that feeling. There’s something about running without thinking and then jumping and finding yourself at new heights. My experience was in high school. I went over our 6’9" but in practice. When I jumped I had no thoughts of dunking but I found myself so far above the rim that I couldn’t do anything else with the ball.

It’s a great feeling - even if it’s not during an official game!

Edit: one also been dunked on several times. It’s bound to happen if you challenge shots. I’m not ashamed of it. The guys who run their mouth are the ones who move out of the way like a coward.

The worst ones are when it’s in the post and all they do is a drop step. I think they’re going up for a jump hook and then they crush it right over me. Those are always a surprise.

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Absolute Madman. You’re doing us short ones proud Nutty lol. I’ve never consistently practiced jumping and I certainly cant dunk but I’ve found that there is a very direct correlation in my squat strength to my jump heights, I could out jump most of our DB’s and Wide receivers on our football team despite being shorter and 30-40lbs heavier than them.

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I’m half man half machine! :sunglasses:

Haha thanks man! Who knows maybe I have a bit of alien in me lol.

See it’s funny I was always “agile” growing up and could do a lot of athletic stuff but I was never strong. But now that I’m stronger it’s unlocked my full athletic potential. I never thought I am athletic as I am now. Goes to show even if you your parents are not athletes doesn’t mean that you can’t be. I’ve been short my whole life (except 7th grade lol) so I’ve always had to learn to play well with people much bigger and stronger than me. Now I have an advantage in strength but I’m in my 30s so it’s pointless haha.

Lol never let your height define you! It’s funny I’ve always been short, but a lot of women growing up didn’t consider me short. Probably because I walk tall lol. Have always had supreme confidence in myself. Yeah man us short guys can pack a lot of power in our legs that’s for sure!

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Yeah I can’t stick to programs lol.

I don’t know how neurotyping works, but when it’ comes to LIFTING it’s hard for me to stick to one thing. Weird because when it comes to running my company or anything else I can have laser focus. I think especially since now I am decently strong I can get away with no program and doing random shit. As long as I lift 3x a week for the rest of my life I’ll always be strong enough.


315x10 / 155x8 / x20 / 88x25 / x20 / x25 / 100 skips
315x10 / 155x8 / x17 / 88x25 / x20 / x25 / 100 skips
315x10 / 155x8 / x15 / 88x25 / x20 / x25 / 100 skips
315x10 / 155x8 / x12 / 88x25 / x20 / x25 / 100 skips

@T3hPwnisher - question for you man.
Out of all the 5/3/1 programs you’ve done, which are your favorite? Which had the biggest impact on your physique?

I swear I remember reading on your blog that BBB changed your body so drastically that someone thought your wife married someone else lol. I can’t seem to find that entry though!

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I have no words…


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Haha, thanks man!

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That is a true story. I’ve told it a few times, and couldn’t say where it is in the blog, but after spending so much time doing the low volume/abbreviated training thing, BBB created some radical growth. I put on 12lbs without meaning to, and went from skinny to filled out. Wife’s co-worker told me how he thought my wife got divorced and remarried, and then wanted to know what I was doing.

In turn, BBB is a classic fallback. Most effective was most likely Building the Monolith, as I put on some hard weight and really learned about pushing myself. Of the new stuff, SVR II gelled with me the most, and with your programming ADD, you might like it too. It’s a new supplemental exercise each week. First week is widowmakers, second week is BBB w/FSL percentages, final week is SSL 5x5. Always different stuff to focus on.

God is a Beast was effective, but a total mindscrew. Feels like you’re making zero progress the whole time, and then you set a PR.

Whenever I need to make up my own program based off 5/3/1, I’ll do PR for topset, then a FSL PR set, and then BBB esque supplemental work.

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That must have been a pretty radical change visually. I do like the 5x10 sets. It’s easy and straight to the point.

I got the Forever Book so I will have to look at SVR again. I think you are right. A different supplemental each week is probably exactly what I need to keep me in line with the program while also taking care of my ADD. This way I can actually get 5/3/1 full benefit.

Seems like a lot of you 531 veterans here on the site (@flipcollar being another one) follow a similar type of programming when coming up with your own. Work up to a top set (PR of some sort) maybe another big down set and then that BBBish work after that. Seems like it works really well for everyone.

Crazy to think the only 5/3/1 program I actually stuck to was BTM. That program was AWESOME!

Thanks man appreciate it!

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I’ll throw in a plug for Deep Water as well, if you want something stupid challenging, but gym times will be longer and the giant sets approach not as viable. Still, maybe something to look for in the future.


What book do you reccomend? The 5/3/1 forever?
I’m doing a CT 2a program off thibarmy so I’m set for the next 8/9 weeks but want to start planning. I think at some point I’ve messed with 5/3/1 but did not stick with it as I was a program hopper too.

Also @isdatnutty1 your numbers are sick and motivating well you too @T3hPwnisher. But I misread nuttys workout log as chins at 88x25 and was like wtf! Had to read that again lol. Still awesome stuff keep it up broz.

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Sorry Nutty for hijacking the thread.
Pwn can I pick just a bit on your brain?
Pr top set, FSL PR I like it too. BBB supplemental would you do that with “the opposite lift” Deadlift on squat day and so on. ?
Or BBB with the same lift or maybe rather a variation?

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I’d say either one of those can work. I’ve never done full BBB myself, that much volume wrecks my old carcass. 3x5 or 5x5 FSL is as much volume as I can comfortably handle.

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@jwlake06 5/3/1 Forever is the most comprehensive read, and will give you all the tools you need to program for the rest of your life. That said, if you’re brand new to 5/3/1, you may want to pick up 5/3/1 2nd Edition and Beyond 5/3/1 to be able to understand the lexicon.

@mortdk I never end up using this approach for deads or squats. Deads will always fall back to ROM progression, and squats are a wildcard. However, for press, I’ll follow up 5/3/1 pressing with BBBesque pressing. I might switch up the style of press, going from axle to log, or from strict to push press, but I try to get in all my press volume at once. For benching, since I use it more as a press builder, it’ll depend. It might be BBB benching, or I might do another press variation, or incline bench, or floor press, or dips, etc.


Fuck it, came up with my own program.

Called Building The Monolith: Beefcake lol

MONDAY 3-4-19

BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel - 75)

OH PRESS (ss: Face Pulls - 100)

CHIN-UPS (varying grips)

@The_Mighty_Stu - I had a question for you and just wanted to pick your brain a bit. I love FB setups. I feel like for my body, my mind, etc it works the best. I think 3 hard and intense lifting sessions is the perfect amount for me with everything that I have going on in life. Plus it makes it easy to get in condition sessions because I can do whatever I want for that.

Is there a reason more BBers don’t do FB splits besides the the fact of training sessions taking too long? Have you trained a lot of clients that have done full body? Just curious what your thoughts are on Full body vs other splits for the general population or people getting into BBing.

I ask because this summer I think I want to spend some time trying to bodybuilding. But it’s hard for me to let go of my FB tendencies since it’s gotten me to where I am and also it works for me so why fix something that’s not broken lol.


When I first started coaching Rob Stein, he was doing a 3 day FB type plan. He was still fairly new to the idea of bodybuilding, but had come pretty far on his own from his “out of shape” days and it was evident. Still, he knew he had work to do if he was going to step onstage with serious competitors.

Rob’s decision was based out of necessity. He was a very busy guy, teaching full time, running a side music business, and of course had a wife, dog(s), and the usual “real life” stuff I always joke about.

When we look back at the “old school” guys who loved the full body approaches, they never really seemed to have any concerns or commitments that made spending 2-3 hours in the gym problematic. Of course, aside from the odd genetic freaks, you’d be hard pressed to find the type of development that pros of later years (and split schedules) would display (PEDs aside). @BrickHead has always explained it really well in that when you incorporate an intelligent split, everything is hit in a direct fashion, AND an indirect fashion. This allows a very smart way of keeping the rotating recovery of muscle groups in constant motion.

Now, it is absolutely required? Of course not. When my wife was still competing, she had her day job, and a few nights a week working at a college. This meant that she couldn’t do a full split over 7 days like I would have normally loved, but, I also didn’t want her simply relying on a 3 day FB plan because I didn’t think it would yield the results we needed to get onstage and do well. As such, we sort of came up with a hybrid approach, that managed to hit the best parts of a full split, but also a couple of abbreviated, more FB sounding sessions as well.

For general population, you have to do what works well for you. Unfortunately that leaves many people following some of the really ridiculous routines written about by “authors” who have no business doling out expert advice (imo of course)



Thanks man, I appreciate the thorough answer!

Could you or @BrickHead expand on this? For example do you mean for a 3 day FB split, rotating through Back Squat, Lunges, and Front Squats as the main “leg movement” for each day? This way you stay fresh for each session? This way you have a heavy back squat day, light but effective lunge day, and then a medium intensity but can up the reps for the FS on the last day? I think the legs are hit in different ways through the training week this way.

I’ve flirted with the idea of a 5 day hybrid approach to where I could split up the week but also have 1 day for FB to stay with my roots in a sense.

Monday - Full Body (Squat, Press, Pull)
Tuesday - Lower Body (Hamstring Focus)
Wednesday - Upper Body (Shoulder, Back Width Focus)
Thursday - Lower Body (Quad Focus)
Friday - Upper Body (Chest, Back Thickness Focus)

I think I’m smart enough to figure it out, but I could also just run myself into the ground lol.
@robstein - Any insight on FB BBing would be great!

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I think you change the stress on your body when you switch to a physique focus. The weights drop and the reps or sets increase. It’s about reaching failure but you won’t get a pump with 3 reps so you end up shooting for 8-15.

You’ll probably want to do at least two exercises per muscle group. If you’re doing total body then those sessions get really long. You soon find that a full body session just takes too long. It also takes more out of you each session compared to the splits you see bodybuilders use. Two hours of hitting every muscle group and taking it to failure isn’t very fun so you find yourself splitting it up. It kind of happens naturally.

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That’s what I’m starting to see and even feel. I think I’m getting to a point where I want more variety in terms of exercises. I think I want do to more overall “assistance” work. I think you are right, eventually I’m going to have to hit the gym more days total in order to keep my training time down daily. Because I do 3-4 big lifts each day I’d be pushing 2-3 hours total if I wanted to include everything on a single day.

I’m thinking I might go the 5 day route and set up the split something like:

Monday - Squat, OH Press, Chin-Ups
Tuesday - Deadlift, Front Squat, Assistance
Wednesday - Bench Press, Rows, Assistance
Thursday - Squat, RDL, Assistance
Friday - OH Press/Incline Press, Rows, Assistance

This way I can get the big lifts done in 30-40 minutes and have another 30-40 minutes to do assistance and condition!