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I Like Big Squats I Can Not Lie


I lost a lot from October to January not training, but it was also exacerbated by crappy eating. Of course, you’re a lot younger than I am, so you may hold onto muscle better. Stop by my log and look at the picture of my back from October, compared to my January 1st picture at the beginning of the transformation2019 challenge, if you want to see something depressing.

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Did lots of warm up sets. Today was just to get my body loose. Feeling REALLY sore for lifting twice heavy yesterday.

Lately I’ve been really loving music like this. I don’t know what the genre is, but it’s great!


Gave my employees the rest of the week off because we’ve had a killer month. They’ve pushed hard for the past few weeks, so I knew it was time to let off for a bit.

It’s crazy how lifting directly correlates to the the real world. You have to work in waves so you don’t burn out and can keep improving day in and day out. I take that same approach to monitoring my employees and so far it’s worked out well.

Went on a YouTube binge again lol. Will have to take a break soon. But few gold videos:



BACK SQUAT (ss: Hanging Leg Raises)
445x3 (PR!)


SPRINTS (50 yards)
10 @ 80%

Hit a new Squat PR! But 445 felt really heavy for how many reps I can do at 405. My legs are definitely strong enough to handle it but I need more strength in my core and upper back. Since I’ve been doing more of 4 day upper/lower I think I’ll add in some heavier ab variations, good mornings, and drop the volume with pull-ups and really hit some heavy rows. I’ll squat 3x a week, but the 2nd day will be heavy low rep front squats. Get that upper back STRONG! I think I can get to 500x3 by end of this year for sure. Maybe a little longer, but that’s ok. I’ll stay beltless like I have for all these years. All I wear is shorts and my Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes.

My log should be home by the time I get back. Excited to try those viper presses this weekend!


Talk about inspiration!


That’s my goal too… life time of lifting in my future.

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For sure man. Want to lift until the end!

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So today was fun. Before the St. Patrick festivities started I ended up going to my friend’s place of business to test my 40 time. They prep people for the combine and NBA draft and handle NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA players. Landow Performance here in Denver. They have the auto timer on each side for the 40 yard dash, so there is no human error.

I ran a 4.726.

So I will never be a 4.4 guy. I COULD get to be a 4.6 guy, but that is pointless.

Based on his assessment I have a HUGE burst right off the line. So from 0-25 yards I move fast, BUT from 26-40+ yards I slow down because I have short legs. I am not a strider. His assessment is there is absolutely NO need to practice a 40 yard dash. I have D1 type athleticism (too bad I didn’t unlock it in HS lol). My broad jump was almost 10 feet. Which for a person that doesn’t play any sports is extremely explosive. With practice I could get it probably over 10, but even that is pointless.

His overall assessment is I have really great genetics and I’m strong, so I should pursue just something that I can have fun with. I don’t have world class genetics so my primary goal should be to stay strong and healthy.


You continue to suck at all aspects of training. If I wasn’t tall then I’d have nothing!

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Hahaha, na man you are athletic though! I’m sure you are strong/fast enough to do what you need to do, especially for your job!

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BACK SQUAT (ss: Abs, Jumps)

RDL (ss: Lunges, Abs)

x500 skips

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At least you have that! I’m the same height as nutty without the absurd levels of athleticism…


You have better facial hair though. I assume, don’t remember seeing a picture of nutty


Lol I never knew I was THIS athletic either. Strength training opened the door for me. But now thinking back, I was always generally good at sports. Never great, but could hang for a bit.

I rock a beard. Nothing crazy just a regular beard. If I shave, I look 17 lol.


Well, yeah, but who wants to be ‘good enough’? I want to be awesome. If I could have your speed and hops then I could’ve been Zion before there was a Zion!

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Haha for sure man! It blows my mind when I see some of those D linemen in the NFL do back flips. Biggest humans I’ve ever seen still to this day are Vince Wilfork and 2 Williams that use to play for the Vikings. Can’t imagine being that big and that athletic and that strong lol.

It would be cool if I could be over 6 feet as well tho haha! So since I can’t grow anymore, gotta just jump up haha!


Fuck it, I’m doing it. I’m going to do Thib’s SGSS program. Changes I’ll be making:

  1. OH Press first on upper days
  2. Superset the lifts for upper days
  3. I’m too strong to just do the 3x8 chin-ups so I’ll do 5x10 since my elbows don’t like weighted ones
  4. Lift Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri since it fits my schedule better
  5. I’m going to condition of course lol.

Since I squatted and RDL yesterday I just will start with the upper body today.

Thib’s SGSS - WEEK 1 - DAY 2

OH PRESS (ss: Chin-Ups 5x10)
155 @ 3x8

BENCH PRESS (ss: BB Row - 265 @ 3x8)
245 @ 3x8

105 @ 3x12

10 Min KB Swings + Push Ups


Yes! I think you’ll be fine doing conditioning work since you’ve been doing it.

Could you make pull ups harder by raising your legs and forming an L? Would that still bug the elbows?


I do L pull-ups quite a bit. My core strength and stabilization are not really lacking overall.

I think I might drop the chin-ups and just do more rows. I could stick between t-bar and bb and then during phase 3&4 do do underhand bb rows and I could mcguiver it and do something to do seal rows. Like sprinkle chin-ups in but not really make it an emphasis for the next 12 weeks.


I found doing “seal” rows on an incline bench on the lowest setting I can not touch the floor works pretty well with dumbells. I also hang off the bench right at my lower chest level so I gain a little distance from the floor. I’ve McGuyvered it as well but I hate elaborate/goofy set ups at the gym.

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