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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Back in action today, had to isolate for 7 days after testing positive for omicron, only symptoms was losing my taste for 2 days. Is what it is, no point moaning. Just thankful the two times ive had it i got off easy. Many havent been so lucky.


FB workout today…

Hack squat
Leg curl
Incline DB press
Chest supported row
Lateral raise machine
Preacher curl
Machine dips

Just took it easy today, getting myself back into the way of things.


11pm workout…

Smith machine shoulder press
60kg x 5
80kg x 3
100kg x 2
120kg x 3
100kg x 7
All deadstart paused reps of the upper chest, no half rep bouncing shite.

Machine dips
Stack + 25kg x 2 sets of 12 deadstart reps

Machine lateral raise
Stack x 2 sets of 12, 11 deadstart reps

Var bar pushdowns
Stack x 2 sets of 12

45 minute brisk walk after around my coastal town home.

Back n biceps tomorrow. Around 11 or 12 is my new workout time, am a night owl, dont hit the hay till 4-5am anyway. i feel stronger at that time and the gym is nice and quiet.

Like the machines in this new commercial gym, but the weight stacks are too small, so i think ill add resistances band to the machine to increase the resistance toward the contraction range.


Hope there was good lighting and you took some pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:joy::rofl::rofl: ill make sure for the next one, all done in the best possible taste lol



Got roped into an am farmers and prowler session

Trap bar farmers (beltless and strapless)
107kg x 100ft
147kg x 100ft
187kg x 100ft
227kg x 100ft

200kg x 300ft total

12/1/22 (12am)
Parallel grip pulldown (just inside shoulder width)
Close grip (shoulder width) smith machine bench
Machine lateral raise

  • 2 heavy top sets each

Legs tomorrow…