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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Hey Al,

Yeah am not a big fan of dumbbells, partly for the reason you mention.
Yes I like do like to vary how I overhead press, deadlift, row etc, I like the axle bar because it feels more comfortable, especially given I always press with a thumbless grip and that bar doesn’t spin like an olympic bar.
I like to strict press in the hammer angled smith machine. Sometimes (rarely) I’ll use the log and sometimes I’ll use the viking press machine.
Must say, in the 2 years I couldn’t bench press, chest press etc, my chest remained the same.

Still training, been lazy this week not logging workouts… training little and often

Today was…

Angled smith machine shoulder press
90kg x 6
100kg x 4
110kg x 2 plus 2 forced reps with superslow negatives

Seated chest supported row
Stack x static hold to failure
Immediately followed by…
125kg x 5 plus 2 forced reps with superslow negatives

One arm DB power lateral raise
20kg x 5
25kg x 5
30kg x 4

  • fighting the negative on each rep

Farmer walks (with thick grip Hammer dumbbells)
2x60kg x 2 walks to grip failure.

Also bumped into a mate, he’s a strong wee bastard, a royal marine. Ha, he weight trains just 2-3 days a week and does nothing but squats, deads weighted chins and dips, and loaded carries.


Hack squat
230kg x 8 reps + plus 3 more to failure after a 20 second RP

Seated leg curl
60kg x 10
70kg x 10
80kg x 10

Felt like shite after this, now I remember why I stopped training to failure.

Pin press
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
90kg x 3
95kg x 2

Seated cable row
110kg x 10
120kg x 10
130kg x 8

Plate loaded machine dips
120kg x 10
140kg x 10
160kg x 10

DB hammer curl
2x20kg x 10
2x25kg x 10
2x30kg x 9

Much better workout, I prefer a hard top set, just not to all out failure, like Gironda said, it’s counterproductive.


FB workout today…

Plate loade machine dips ( different one to the one i used yesterday )
160kg x 10
180kg x 10
200kg x 10
220kg x 10

Farmers frame carry
Worked up till 230kg x 2x20metres

Plate loaded machine pullover
Top set - 135kg x 10

Finnished with some side and rear delt fluff


Nice. You’ve got some sweet toys in your gym. Had to add this. The guy behind you was like, I’ll just wait.


Haha, mate he was like a fart in a space suit, gym was empty and everywhere I went he seemed to be right behind me lol.
Yeah theres several well equipped gyms around me, so i like to go from one to the other.


Wheels today…

Hack squats
280kg x 4 (disappointed, was hoping to 6-8)
180kg x 15

Seated leg curl
70kg x 15
80kg x 12
Prowler pushes
200kg x 2 pushes to failure


Nice and deep, too.

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Today at the zoo…

Plate loaded machine dips
Seated cable row
Prowler pushes

1 heavy top set of each with 2 drop sets after 20 second RPs. Took a 15 minute break between each exercise to maximise the payloads.


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