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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Today in the sweat box…

Texas bar deadlift (beltless and strapless)
Worked up to a 240kg just for a single…then dropped back to 220kg x 6 rest pause reps

Safety bar squat
3 working sets of 5 @ 105kg (just getting a feel for them)

Leg extension
100kg x 5
125kg x 5
150kg stack x 4 cluster sets of 5 (10 second RPs between clusters)

Seated Leg curl
60kg x 5
75kg x 5
90kg x 4 clusters sets of 5,5,4,4 (10 second RPs between clusters)

Done n dusted


Upper body yesterday

Hammer row
Stiff arm pulldown
One arm seated cable row
Pec deck flye
Machine lateral raise
Rear delt cable flye
Two arm biceps cable curl
One arm hammer cable curl
Cable triceps extension
Overhead cable triceps extension with rope

2 working sets to failure per exercise. Longer TUT than i normally do, bit more isolated too.

Legs today…

Leg extension
Supersetted with…
Lying leg curls
Seated leg presses
Calf press machine

Again, 2 working sets to failure per movement

Off tomorrow then heavier sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Ended up training today. Its not my preferred way to train, but am switching to a split routine, it’s reached that time of year / temperature…

Today was…

OHP (axle bar)
3x3 @ 95kg

DB lateral raise
3x12-15@ SW
Supersetted with…
Seated alternate front DB raises
3x10-12@ SW

Triceps extension on the pullover machine
4 sets, top set of 13 to failure @ 120kg

Followed up with an 8 mile walk around the coastline with the misses, beautiful day…

Dropped a further 4lb this week, was able to drop from 3xl t shirts to 2xl, heading on the right track.


Upper back n chest today…

  1. Stiff arm pulldowns
  2. Hammer pulldown
  3. Pec deck flye machine
  4. One arm Hammer row
    5 Rear delt flye machine

2 working sets per movement, last set to failure (in the 6-10 rep range), using a slow cadence, holding each rep in the contracted position for a second or two.

Legs tomorrow or Thursday

Focusing more on hypertrophy now

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That is some beautiful scenery.

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Yeah mate, it’s a pretty nice coastline we have have here. I’d much rather brisk walk or go hiking in the mountains or swimming in the sea than to get on one of those human hamster wheels in the gym.


Wheels yesterday…

Top set of 5 with 200kg (deload)
3 sets of 10 per leg @ same weight
100metres total @ sw

45 min shoulder n arms workout today…

Hammer shoulder press
DB lateral raise
Rear delt cable flye
Bilateral DB curl
Banded Hammer curl
Incline DB triceps extension
Cable pushdowns

2 working sets per movement, last set to failure

Back into the 280s


Looking Beastly!

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Cheers mate. Ive dropped 20lb so far, hopefully look a bit better when i drop another 20-25lb. Not looking to be ripped or anything, just a lighter bit lighter and maintain a muscle and strength. Being over 308lb/22st at my heaviest was uncomfortable.

I think I’m going to try and lean out some more, been trying to maintain weight unsuccessfully, (losing weight despite eating a fair bit and having a few beers daily), so figure I may as well go with it and get rid of some fat.
I kind of think that if lifts are going up and I’m getting Pr’s I’m probably not losing muscle.

Yeah go with the flow if that’s the direction ya wanta go in. I personally wouldn’t want to be less the 260lb, at 6’4 I look like a “long streak of piss” (as a few mates used to say lol).

Not sure about strength and muscle loss, you can significantly increase strength and gain no size at all from simply becoming more skilled at a given few lifts. So I reckon theres a possibility an individual could loss some muscle while dieting inspite of strength increases on key lifts. Not saying this is your case or mine, just speculating??


Boom. Good work mate. Looking hench too.

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Down to skin and bone. :grinning:

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Thank you mate, looking good yourself :+1:

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:rofl::rofl:, id better eat a burger or ill fade away ta nothing lol



MAG (close supine) bar pulldown
100kg x 8
110kg x 7 to failure plus a static hold

One arm hammer row
80kg per arm x 2 sets of 10, 9 to failure

Leg extension
140kg x 12
152.5kg stack x 2 timed static holds to failure
130kg x 13 to failure

Leg curl
60kg x 10
75kg x 2 timed static holds to failure
55kg x 12 to failure

Hammer leg press
250kg x 8 clusters of 5 reps (10 second rest pauses between cluster)

Might train shoulders again tomorrow, high frequency is paying off. May well have to put the deadlifts and the axle bar OHPs on ice for a bit.