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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Thanks mate. Hopefully look a bit better once I’ve downsized a bit lol. Doesn’t help when your training buddies weigh in with sausage, egg n bacon sodas :drooling_face::sob::sob:


Axle bar OHP
Worked up to a double with 122.5kg
3x3@ 90kg

Farmers frame Carries
Super yoke zercher carries
Prowler pushes

Texas bar deadlift
240kg for 4 rest pause reps

Wide grip / stance deadlift
3x3 @ 190kg

Face pulls - 3x12-15@sw
Weighted hypers - 3x12-15@sw

Bodyweight is coming down, strengths going up


You have unlocked the secret formula, well done sir.


No training today, went for a hike around the Antrim coastline yesterday and my legs/calfs are friggen acking today. Extra rest Day will do no harm.


Don’t know about that mate lol, but I’ll take it haha


Is that picture of the Lough ?

Nah that’s the Irish sea, and Whitehead lighthouse. Not too far from where Helboy 2 and GOTs was filmed

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I have a cousin who lives up that way in or near Magherafelt, beautiful place but too cold for me.

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Ah yes, that is a nice wee spot, fairly close to the Irish boarder. Actual only been across the boarder once in my life, would love to see more, but as a member of the loyalist community that was personally effected by the troubles I just don’t feel comfortable.
Yeah you get used to the weather lol, I cant go anywhere too warm.

Have a good weekend :+1:


SM workout tonight…

Log press
Worked up to 110kg for a double

Worked up to 116kg per hand for 4x15metres

SY Zercher carries
Worked up to 180kg for 4x15 metres

Farmers frame hold
260kg x timed hold (working up to 300kg)

Sitting at 295lb @ 6’4, still much work to be done


Training in a different gym this week…just for a wee change…

Today was back and biceps…

Hammer pulldown
Seated cable row
Rear delt cable flye
One arm DB preacher curl
DB Hammer curl
Weighted 45 degree hypers

2 working sets per exercise, last set to failure or just before.

Taking a break from deaflifting and OHPs this week and maybe next…a deload of sorts. Chest, front n side delts and triceps tomorrow, then legs on Wednesday all being well.


Push day today…

Working sets only…

Hammer Incline press
150kg x 7
160kg for 4

Machine dips
152.5kg stack x 2 sets of 11, 10

Machine lateral raise
95kg stack x 2 sets of 10, 8

Partial DB lateral raises
2x25kg x 2 sets of 12

Cable pushdown
95kg stack x 2 sets of 12

Overhead rope tri extension
70kg x 2 sets of 10, 9

Prob do legs tomorrow, feeling pretty good, don’t feel just as taxed on a push, pull, leg split.


Those are some nice weights on the the lateral raise, both machine and db. Over head tri ext ain’t too shabby either.

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Legs today…quad focus

Power squat machine
Top set of 6 with 320kg

Leg extension
100kg x 100 reps total (6 x 30 second RPs)

Prowler pushes
200 metres @ sw

Off tomorrow, repeat cycle come Thursday


Cheers bud👍. Not a massive fan of lateral raises, just taking a short break from OHPs.

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Talking out loud here…

Since the gyms have reopened here, I’ve had a several of the members ask me if I was taking anything. Am pretty open and honest and say yeah, but it’s the minimal effect dosage of a test blend and var now and then.
Immediately I get hit with “aren’t you worried about what they will do to your body”, what IF this" and “what IF that”.
Starting to understand why people keep their PED usage on the down low. Not to mention, the successes you have gets chalked up solely to drug use. (Even though I’d never ‘used’ from the ages of 14 to 41 and built the vast majority of what strength I have in those years). The latest was a dentist that trains in one of the gyms am at, she decided to lecture me and actually got quite personal, so I responded “you cook your skin 3 days a week on sunbeds, you binge drink regularly, you’ve fake tits and a face like a month old trifle with botox…and your lecturing me??”. That ended that discussion.

My philosophy in life has change since my mum, dad, brother and several other of my family members died at young or very average ages, inspite of living clean healthy lives.
Many (the people I meet in gyms) seem to have this notion that because they eat well, exercise regularly and wrap themselves in cotton wool that this somehow this will garentee them a long healthy happy life, certainly it’ll improve they’re odds, but life only seems garentee a couple of things…kicking the bucket and paying taxes.

Anyho, lets see what tomorrow brings lol


People seem to think there’s some drugs out there that you take and voila! you’re big, strong, built, etc. I know nothing of PEDs but if there’s one out there that does all that I wish I’d known about it when I was younger. Think it’s just their way of saving their egos and admitting someone’s put in more time and effort than them. Never used any ped’s but I,m still asked if I use “anything”. Always say yeah, “caffine, god whiskey and good cigars.”

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Lol, love it…

Yeah it’s mostly guys that before the lockdown where blasting heavy stuff, then after a 4 month lockdown with no drugs or training they came back deflated and with major strength losses. So because I’d not lost strength etc, they where all asking what I was on lol. But some were self righteous so n so’s, whom are far from perfect themselves.

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Deadlifts and pull this morn…back at the strongman gym today…

4" block pull
Worked up to a single with 260kg (no belt or straps)

  • went up slow, then again am a slow puller

Wide grip deads
170kg x 3
190kg x 3
210kg x 3

Seated cable row
100kg x 12
110kg x 12
120kg x 12


Another 2lb down this week, just eating 2 solid meals a day…
Today was…
3 whole eggs and a cup of egg whites
Cup of oatmeal with local produced honey and almond butter

1lb of Chipotle chicken
Cup of rice with black beans and sautéed red onion and green peppers
Cup of Greek yougart with local produced honey

No idea what calories…enough lol


Well, my least favourite time of year is here, gym was a sweat box today.

Axle bar OHP
122.5kg x double
92.5kg x 3x3


Farmers frame static hold
Worked up till two 300kg strapless holds to failure

Super yoke zercher carries
4x15metres @ sw

2x500 in the concept 2 rower

Motility work.

40 brisk walk

On warm days like today I double my water intake and increase sodium intake.

Chicken wraps with rice n black beans, plus a bowl of fruit

BBQ - 3 steak burgers and salad, with a huge salad.

Cheeky slice of vanilla cheesecake