I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Tell me what you think about those reverse band deadlifts. I have never tried them before.

Hey bam…i liked them, im a frequent deadlifter, and tall…so its a good way to mix it up. I felt its a lower stress variation. Diffo felt it more in the glutes than any other variation. I think for progression wirh them, rather than use a heavier paid load, I’ll use the smaller green bands i have, then the smaller again purple bands.


6/5/23 home gym

  • Steep incline BB shoulder press
  • Flat DB bench press
  • DB lateral raise
  • Incline EZ bar tri extension

7/5/23 home workout

  • Chins
    BW 116kg x 30 reps total in 3s
  • Incline bench rows (using the open hex bar, clears the bench nicely for a full contraction)
    70kg x 10
    80kg x 8
    90kg x 7
  • One arm DB row
    50kg x 2x15
  • Close grip EZ bar strict curl (against wall)
    50kg x 8
    60kg x 5
    65kg x 4

Legs tomorrow…keeping it simply, myself and my TP are on a 6 week cut, plan is to lose get to 110kg bw by my birthday in mid June…well on course.





Never seen that done with hypers before. Will definitely have to try it.

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Yeah its good Harr, your lower back, glutes and hams get well toasted.


  • Shoulder press machine
    130kg x 8
    150kg x 4
    shoulder press machine 150 x 4 - YouTube
  • Seated DB lateral raise
    2x12kg x 10
    2x14kg x 10
    2x16kg x 8
  • Smith machine JM press
    45kg x 5
    55kg x 5
    65kg x 5
    70kg x 9
  • V bar pushdowns
    40kg x 12
    50kg stack (1:1 ration) x 2 sets of 10

10/5/23 home gym


  • Pull ups
    BW (116kg) x 2 sets of 8
  • Incline bench rows with the open hex bar
    85kg x 2 sets of 8, 6
  • Semi supine chins
    BW x 2 sets of 7
  • Seated BB curl (90 degree static hold)
    50kg x hold to failure

The open hex bar lends into well to Incline bench rows, clears the bench nicely. Its also good for zercher carries.
Switching things up for the next several weeks, a little more hypertrophy specific…Only going to deadlift or rack pull once every other week. No singles…5-8 rep range. Still low volume high intensity though.



  • Power squat
    Top set; 270kg with heavy band tension x 7
  • Leg curl
    TS; 75kg x 9
  • TS; Leg extension
    120kg x 11
  • 45 degree hypers
    BW + mini monster band x static hold into reps to failure
  • Abduction machine
    Stack x 40 reps total in 5 rep clusters

Bounced into the cold plunge after, definitely helps with recovery. Speaking of recovery, id been have a bit of tennis elbow issues in my left arm for a few months, so i did some research and got BPC-157 peptide…wirhin a fortnight the issue was gone. Definitely recommend trting it if youve joint or connective tissue issues.


Just a quick 10min biceps workout today before a swim today…

Alternate DB curls
2x16kg x 8 per arm
2x22kg x 8 per arm
2x28kg x 7 per arm
Technogym biceps machine
60kg x 15 sec hold
80kg x 2 static holds hold at a 90 degree angle to just before failure

Mobility and a 40 min swim after…



  • Incline BB bench press
    70kg x 8
    90kg x 6
    110kg x 4
    120kg x 3
  • Anderson style OHP machine
    77.5kg x 3x3
    Anderson style OHP machine 77.5kg x 3x3 - YouTube
  • DB lateral raise
    2x14kg x 10
    2x16kg x 25 in clusters of 5
  • Cable pushdowns on the lat pulldown
    40kg x 10
    50kg x 10
    60kg x 8

40 min swim after


what else is there to do when you have 10 mins spare. Quality


18/5/23 home gym

  • Pull ups with light band tension assistance
  • Axle bar bench
  • Seated cable row
  • Seated DB lateral raise
  • BB curl
    Cable pushdowns

Power squat machine with heavy band tension
Leg curl
Leg extension
Near vertial leg press

1-2 top sets per exercise

Got myself one of these wee sweethearts, compact and smooth…love it…


23/5/23 (home session 11am)

  • Hex bar deadlift
    230kg x 5
    240kg x 3 sets of 3,3,2
  • Semi pronation chins
    BW (116kg) 18 reps total in 3 rep clusters
  • Seated cable row
    100kg x 2 sets of 15
  • Alternate DB curl
    2x25kg x 10 per arm
    2x27.5kg x 8 per arm
    2x30kg x 8 per arm

Went for my normal walk tonight, jumped down off a wall and SNAP!! Something in my right calf has tore…can barely walk on it. Oh the joys of life. Ive it well iced and the painkillers and anti inflammatorys are in. Not to worry…ill be rocking out soon enough.


sorry to read this. feel better soon.


sorry to hear about your old man injury. I have done my calf and it is a pain in the calf to fix.

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Thank you mate, will do with a bit of luck :+1:

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Lol, i literally just read that over 70% of calf injuries are in over 40s. Aye itll take a while, but sure, is what it is. I need to get me one of those wee bells to ring for when i want something…the misses will love that :smile:


Yep calf and Achilles injuries are the nemesis of the over 40. Thats why I stopped running. That and it is hard. LOL


Well, no rest for the wicked…

Chest/tris today…

  • Plate loaded seated Incline press
    130kg x 8
    140kg x 5
  • Slight decline SM bench press
    120kg x 7
  • Straight rotating bar cable pushdown
    55kg (1:1 ration cable) x 10
  • One arm cable tri extension
    15kg x 13 per arm
    30 min swim

Calf still sore but can still do a littl, back and biceps tomorrow