I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Presses yesterday…

  • Steep incline DB shoulder press
    2x46kg x 6
    2x50kg x 1 (went lighthead, otherwise i could have got a couple more)
    Steep incline DB shoulder press 50s x 1 - YouTube
  • DB lateral raise
    2x16kg x 2 sets to fail
    Cable pushdowns (back against pad)
    Stack x 2x12

Banded deadlift (bands add 40kg of tension at top)
170kg x 3
190kg x 3
210kgs x 3
One arm rows
60kg x 15
75kg x 10
90kg x 5

Close grip pulldowns
100kg x 3
110kg x 9

Feeling go this weather


New addition to the home gym, got a super sweet deal on 35,40,45 and 50kg dumbbells. Picking up 5-30s tomorrow on Monday…woop woop. Had to sell my chest supported row…she was taking up a little too much room. Also got treated myself to apollon wheels and a new open hex bar too. Also getting proper gym flooring put down.


nice pick up


Yeah, got them for a 1/3 of the price they would be new, love a wee bargain lol

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Well done

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Thank you Bam, yeah its been a productive training week. Looking forward to a rest day on Sunday lol

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Lower bod today…

  • Hex bar deadlift
    205kg x 4 clusters of 3 (10 sec RPs between clusters)
    205kg x 4 clusters x 3 HBDL - YouTube
  • Leg extension
    100kg x 5 clusters of 5
  • Leg curl
    70kg x 5 clusters of 5
  • Goblet squats
    50kg x 3x12

One arm rows with right at 200#. I hurt my self watching that. Can barely get my Jamesons to my mouth now. I’m trying to come up with the appropriate superlative. “F…kin A, Bubba”!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: i hope there was a cigar involved too Harr. Yeah my obliques were in bits the next day lol



  • Steep incline DB shoulder press
    2x46kg x 6
    2x50kg x 2
  • T bar row
    120kg x 10
    130kg x 8
  • Seated DB lateral raise
    2x14 x 10
    2x16kg x 6 + 4 half reps then partials
  • Close EZ bar strict curl (back against wall)
    52.5kg x 3 sets of 6
  • Incline EZ bar tri extension
    47.5kg x 10
    57.5kg x 7

Can feel a cold coming in, better get some of grandpa’s cough medicine in me stat lol. Now wheres the Bushmills??