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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again


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Cheers mate​:+1:. Just noticed my training partner loaded the wrong plates on the bar in that last pic lol hes put 15kg plates on instead of 20s, so its a 230kg not 240kg. Damn it.:man_facepalming:

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Good to see you back posting and smashing it in the gym.

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Hey Simo,

Thanks mate, yeah still lifting, eating and breathing lol👍

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Power squat
350kg x 5
Machine pullover
120kg x 11 to fail
Plate loaded dip machine
160kg x 12 to fail
Seated BB curl
50kg x 9 to fail

Monster DB and loaded carries tomorrow . Still feeling bloated, water retention from the test, probably take a few week to drop it.


350kg power squat x 5. Wow. You’re moving some serious weight in all your lifts. I’ve never heard of a seated bb curl. Had to look that one up.

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Hey mate, cheers. Am not a big fan of squats in general (or any movement that beings with the negative portion of the rep), but that machine allows my to load up well without issue. Yeah i like the seated bb curls sometimes, with a slight static hold at the mid point of the negative.

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Power Squat? Is that one of those Rodgers pendulum machines (or a UK equivalent)?

Hey Al,

The only pic I have of it at the moment is this one, the red one beside the vertical leg press. I lean into the machine. Not sure of the manufacturer.

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Yah, that is pretty much the type of machine I was thinking of. I guess a lot of manufacturers have started calling that a power squat.

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Didn’t get my SM workout in yesterday, today I’ve decided to give DC training another blast, with modifications to suit myself.

WO A today
Viking press
122.5kg x 7 / 3 / 2
Chest supported rows
200kg x 8 / 4 / 3
One arm Hammer style pull-down
60kg x 20 per arm
Cable triceps extension/rollouts
70kg x 15
80kg x 3x15

(last set)

Legs n biceps on Wednesday

Weight is up a little this week, water retention from the test, probably take a few weeks for things to get back to normal. Might salt in a little var to help.


Legs today…

Hip belt squat machine
Top set of 10

Prowler pushes and drags
200 metres total with same weight

Calf presses on the leg press
250kg x 2 sets to fail (lost count after 20)

Weighted hypers
2x15 with same weight

4 mile brisk walk around the coastline

Feelin good now with daily 15hr fasts, energy is great and no loss of strength…so far.


Strong as ever. Like your coast line. Can you swim there when it,s warm enough?

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Nicely taken photo too.

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Yes mate, there’s dozens of people that swim there everyday of the year, a club called “chunky dunkers” lol. Love to try it myself but am not the strongest swimming, I’d end up joining the German subs from the first world War at the bottom of the Irish Sea lol.



Training buds convinced me to do an arm workout today with them…

  1. Machine dips
    Top set of 11 to fail with 160kg

  2. Plate loaded preacher curl machine
    Top set of 9 to fail plus a static hold to fail with 50kg

  3. Triceps extension on the pullover machine
    Top set of 12 to fail with 120kg

  4. Reverse cable curl
    Top set of 20 with 40kg

  5. Cable triceps extensions
    3 x 15 @ same weight

  6. Fat gripz dead hang
    2 holds to failure with BW only

Wasn’t a bad workout. Did another 4 mile brisk walk tonight. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow for cardio and mobility work, then a FB workout of sorts on Saturday.


Happy Friday…

F*ck cardio, ended up doin a deadlift workout…

Top set of 3 @ 240kg

Then wide grip / stance deadlifts
3x3 @ 180kg

Glute bridge machine
80kg x 2 sets of 12

Leg curl
75kg x 2 sets of 12

Leg extension
120kg x 2 sets of 12

Good workout. This is why I’m not a fan of programs, I like to play it by how I feel on the day rather than sticking to a ridged plan.


Who needs cardio when you can dl 240kg for 3!
(I now have a new dl rep target!)

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Ah mate the gym has no air con, I was sweating like Diane Abbot in a maths exam lol.

Yeah a 600lb single will be going up soon enough, main priority at the moment is dropping some pork though.

Have a good weekend


Nice pulling mate, looking hench too.

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