I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

That gym looks awesome and who doesn’t love a gym owner who tells people to Feck off !!

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  • Incline Press (Universal machine)
    160kg x 8 + 2 after a 10 second RP
  • DB Lateral Raise
    2x18kg x 2 sets of 10, 9
  • Machine Dips
    160kg x 10
  • Seated Cable Row
    120kg x 31 reps over 3 sets (40 rep goal)

Plan going forward…

Monday - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps (intensity) and one compound pull (volume)
Wednesday - Legs
Friday - Upper Back / Biceps ( intensity) and one compound push (volume)


Had to train legs today…

  • Vertical leg press
    Top set - 280kg x 11
  • DB RDLs
    Top set - 2x55kg x 10
  • Machine shrugs (Universal machine)
    Top set - 225kg x 14
  • Prowler pushes
    250kg x 6x25metres

Have my choice of 3 leg press machines, but this sweetheart is my favourite. Can go calf to ass with no back issues. Old is gold as they say lol


Also like this wee honey here, universal leg press. Probably where Gary Jones got the idea for his hammer strength seated leg press.

This one is also nice…neck supported.


Too much choice in there… leg press all day

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I know mate, and im indecisive enough lol. Nah the wee old near vertical one is my fav. I offered the owner a grand for it…but he said he wouldn’t part with it. Dont blame him lol.

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  • T bar row
    Top set - 120kg x 11
  • Pulldowns
    Top set - 110kg x 10
  • One arm DB row
    60kg x 14 per arm
  • Seated chest press machine
    130kg x 35 reps over 3 sets (40 rep goal)

Should get a deadlift day in on Saturday…


Build back better

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Making lats great again lol


Lunchtime workout…

  • Incline BB bench press
    Top set 120kg x 4
  • Seated cable row
    3 sets x 12, 10, 10 @130kg
  • Chest press machine
    Both stacks (180kg total) x 6 + 2 forced reps
  • Pec deck (pads in elbows)
    Stack x 5 with a static hold to fail on the last rep

Last set of the cable rows


You need a bigger stack of weights.

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Haha…i think invest in one of those gym pin things. Good ta see ya back btw :+1:

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Still training away. My loaf hasnt been great this last few weeks (another bipolar flair up of sorts), but working through it…

Last couple of sessions…

18/11/22 home gym

  • Incline BB bench
  • Chest supported row
  • DB lateral raise

16/11/22 at the gym

  • Hatfield squat
  • RDLs
  • Seated leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • Abduction machine
  • Seated calf raise

15/11/22 home gym

  • Semi supine grip chins
  • Close grip bench
  • BB curl
  • Incline EZ bar tri extension

14/11/22 home gym

  • Hex bar deadlift
  • Rolling thunder
  • Pinch block

Pretty much a single top set of most exercises…



Incline BB bench press
70kg x 6
100kg x 6
110kg x 4

DB lateral raise
2x15kg x 10
2x17.5kg x 10
2x12.5kg x 12 drop set

100kg Stack x 12
70kg x 8 drop set

Job done…

Bodyweight has creeped up 10lbs, better get on that shit…


Nice pressing. I’ve never used an axle bar but would love to try it. Told Cousin Mike to get one and he said, “Dons acceptés”, Donations accepted.


Thanks bud:) Yeah i perfer the axle bar for pressing, feels much easier on the wrists and theres little to no rotation…and given i press with a thumbless grip thats important. I find a lot of Olympic bars now have too much rotation.
Ha…cousin Mike holds the purse strings tightly lol.

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Surely a bunch of coon asses could pull this off on the cheap :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow. Great idea. I can cut the pipe at home and make the collars. Might tap and screw in a piece metal for the inside. Thanks.


Still training away…hope you guys and gals had a good thanksgiving…

Had to go to the commercial gym today…

Finnished up with a 40 minute swim…


Good lift and I noticed the blonde doing a double take.