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I Lift, I Lower...I Lift Again

Hey guys,

Hope everyone’s doin good…

Thought I’d make a come back and start a new log, the last one went a bit off track.

Been in lockdown for something like 15 weeks now, but still training hard at home. Been bubbling with my training partner, he’s going for the Irish 120kg+ bench record, this year or next, inspite of having and still getting cancer treatment.
This video was in February, he’s now up to a 208kg TNG double…and a 197.5kg paused single

Some shoulder assistance…

Still focusing on deadlifts and pressing myself, everything else is gravy, been able to dead bench again for the first time in 2 years, albeit with a slightshot…still, I’ll take it.


I’m glad you came back, dude. That dude is as beefy as they come.

Hey Mate, thank you. Haha, yup he’s a chunky monkey alright. Gifted presser, but those t rex arms are a nightmare to deadlift with lol

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Welcome back stranger.

Whata bout ye BD lol, thanks. How’s it going?

Ehh back at it … was off 3 months dealing with the after effects of the bloody plague. Its at a crawl at the moment.

Everything good with you I hope.

Glad you decided to come back.

Thank you mate, hope your doin good :+1:

Nightmare mate, hopefully your back to full power soon. My 29yo nephew was one of the first people to get it here, he’s only getting back to training now 13 months on.

All good here mate, just wish this lockdown would end, we’re in good shape so hopefully won’t be too long now. Busting to get back till the gym lol


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Another good session yesterday…

Big T hit a fairy easy 180kg triple paused bench

This was after Zercher Squats, to Finnish we salted in some power curls.

Atm, we’re pretty much doin Z squats, bench, and a curl one workout, 72 hours later Deads and OHP. If A Marty Gallagher inspired minimalist style workout. Before each workout lots of prehab band work for the shoulders.

Got a sneaky gym workout in today, cant wait till they’re open again here proper on the 30th.

Deadlift hold with the farmer frame
Worked up till 300kg for a lift and 25 second strapless hold
Axle bar OHP
Worked up to a 105kg double
DB hammer curl
3x10 same weight
Cable pushdowns
3x20 same weight

Feeling good this weather, weight has risen over the 17 quarantine here to 308lb /22st at 6’4. Currently taking 1.5ml of Test400 a week, ill began eating cleaner and cutting out most of the the crap come Monday.

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Another press day today with the lads…

Worked up to a single 112kg, then 100kg for 4

After a rest we did some strict press, worked up a 92.5kg double and 95kg single.


Was able to get another sneaky workout in today…

Texas bar mixed grip deadlifts (off 2" plates)
220kg x 4

Axle bar OHP
105kg x 3

115kg per hand for 4 x 20 metres

Best workout I’ve had in a while, really looking forward to next Friday when the gyms reopen here, getting fed up with home training, better the nothing…but not the same.


Got a gym session in again yesterday…

Power squat machine
Machine pullover
Chest supported row machine
Machine dips
Axle bar curl

Just the one working set per movement to positive failure, fancied a wee change of pace.

Tried out a new vertical leg press at the gym, bloody awful thing, felt nothing but back pressure. Won’t be using the contraption again.

One week down on the diet, fasting 15hrs a day and eating at 1pm, 5pm and 9pm. 5lb down today


Gyms reopen officially here tomorrow after 4 and a half long months. So looking forward to getting back, my mental state hasn’t been too good this last few months tbh.

Decided to stop using the test, seems to do little for me bar give me dull headaches, make me a bit lethargic and increase my BP. Gonna give my body of break and get back to basics, clean eating / healthier foods, fasting, drinking plenty of water, getting the right amount of sleep / rest, and of course hard but brief training 2-3 days per week.


Gym are finally open here again…thank the good lord🤦‍♂️…

Wee straight forward upper body workout today…

  1. Axle bar OHP
    Top set of 3 with 110kg

  2. Machine pullover
    Top set of 10 with 120kg

  3. Chest supported row machine
    Top set of 10 with 170kg

  4. Lateral raise
    2x12 with 12.5kg DBs

  5. Hammer curl
    2x10 with 25kg DBs

  6. Pushdown
    2x12 with 80kg

Quads n calfs tomorrow, better keep a chuck bucket close to hand lol.


Quads today…

  1. Leg extension
  2. Leg press
  3. Hack squat

Top set of 10-12 reps to failure on each

Didn’t enjoy this session, those machines don’t feel like a natural way to training legs at all, my quads are fatguied yes, but my knees and back are sore from the fixed movement patterns. Going forward I’ll be sticking with squat and deadlift variations, plus some good orl heavy prowler pushes.


Christ you are strong. What do you weigh?

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Hey mate, thank you. Hopefully ill get a bit stronger, i hope to compete in a masters deadlift / log press show later this year or next next.

Currently am 301lbs at 6’4. Ive lost 7lbs in the last few weeks. The plan is to be 280lb by my 44th birthday in mid June. We’re just out of a18 week lockdown, so the pounds went on lol



Today at the zoo…

Rack pulls just below the knee

240kg x top set of 7 rest pause reps (5 second RPs between reps)

Viking press
142.5kg x 3 top sets of 3, 2, 2

Pendlay row
100kg x 3 top sets of 5, 5, 4

Weighted 45 degree hypers
BW plus 20kg x 2 sets of 15

Hard but fun day at the office.