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I Let People Walk All Over Me

Had an incident happen the other day where a guy came into my work, stole my mates helmet from his bike on the front and tried to trade it for a burger (i work in fast food). I wouldnt do it so i went after it and we got in a push and shove. I got the helmet and went back to work.

Today, he came back and wanted to fight me outside, while I was at work. Maybe i thought it was stupid, maybe i thought with glasses it wouldnt have been a good idea or maybe i just pussied out.

But this is goin to play on my mind, fucking bastard, i wish i didnt have my glasses on, damn it.

Anyone else had a situation like this… i am bigger then him, but am i really the bigger man in the situation by apologising and leaving it? What would you have done?

(thought this applied to lifters, cos fighters probably would have annihilated him :slight_smile:

So what exactly is the point of fighting him? I really fail to see any.

You got the helmet that he took. Why take it further?

Just because you refused to fight doesn’t mean your a pussy at all. Maybe to the alpha male but I don’t think so.

Why risk getting potentially fucked up about something that has already been dealt with. The guy sounds like a loser and if you fight and beat his ass he will probably jump you some other time.

Think about the situation for a minute…its over a fucking hamburger. You must be like 15.

Thing about fighting is this. If you fight when you don’t NEED to, you risk lifelong injury to YOURSELF.

Even your hands or wrists can be fucked up for the rest of your life, even if you win.

Most of us older men avoid fights unless it is just not possible to avoid it.

The guy was trying to coerce you with the threat of violence and it didn’t work.

You won and didn’t even have to throw a punch. Well done.

You couldn’t have taken your glasses off? Poor excuse.

Come on, I’m sure many people on here have been in that situation once upon a time - it’s why I started lifting.

If he is bother you at your place of work, call the cops. It’s probably not worth losing a job over.

mm all good answer… and yeah sorta makes me feel a little better, no im not 15 but still sometimes, although yes i could get myself into trouble for nothing, youd love to just walk over to him and give a big punch square in the face to shut him up.

i just realised how ironic it is that my name is proaggression (mind u is meant to mean progression through agression) and i wimped out of a fight hahahaha wicked :b

What the other guys said. But I hear you, there is no worse feeling than thinking you backed down, even if it was the smart thing to do.

I’d say you won the fight, fighting in some circumstances is understandable, but not this one. Just because you are bigger doesn’t mean you are a better fighter, try to remember that.

If you did fight him, and kicked his ass, odds are he’d jump you with 5 other guys and you’d get the shit kicked outta ya, not worth, avoid a fight unless you are cornered or are defending someone and getting physical is the only apparent way.

Not worth losing your job, fuck 'em.

stop thinking so much

Dude, you didnt fail in living up to your principles or anything, you didnt pass a girl yelling “rape” and walk right on by, you didnt sell out on yourself…

This guy, an idiot and an asshole, came to your place of business, attempted to con you into stealing from your company, and came back again to try and start a fight at your place of business…

There are times to fight and there are times to just let idiots think they are the “bigger” man. You did the right thing.

[quote]pro-a-ggression wrote:
Had an incident happen the other day where a guy came into my work, stole my mates helmet from his bike on the front and tried to trade it for a burger (i work in fast food). [/quote]

Sorry, I know this was a serious post but this part here is spleen-bustingly hilarious! “OI! Eh mate, 'wot’ll you give me for this here helmet?!”

Did he just ask for a single burger, or did he opt for a combo? A bike helmet is a pretty expensive item…I’d push for a #6 value combo at least.

Some fights are worth fighting. Most aren’t. You did the right thing, dude. Chill out on yourself.

I’m with these guys. You obviously humiliated him, and he just wanted his dignity restored. You did not give him that chance, so you now have the last laugh. There are reasons to fight, but I agree that this wasn’t one of them.

Nobody fights fairly anymore Op

[quote]Standard Donkey wrote:
Nobody fights fairly anymore Op[/quote]

This is very true.

crack heads and junkies skeev me out dude. i wouldnt want to fight one just because im more afriad of contracted some kind of disease than getting beat up by someone who prob hasnt eaten more than a 99 cent cheeseburger since 12 hrs ago.

I would have knocked him out…

I’m kidding… you did the right thing… you aren’t eleventeen… Props for not being a knuckle scraping neanderthal…

See, I’m conflicted about this. I’ll be the first to say that fighting is a terrible idea and always ends badly, but I’ve also been in my share.

Your stuff about the glasses is an excuse to yourself. You could’ve taken them off had you really wanted to bang. Don’t try and fool yourself.

Basically, once someone lays a hand on me, it’s gonna be rough. Should you have gone outside to fight him? Maybe, maybe not. Honestly depends how old you are- if you’re under 18 then I would have gone outside.

But you should have stood up for yourself in one way or another… even a threat would have been better than nothing, like saying, “I’m not going outside, but if you come back here and do this again, I will split your fucking head open and leave you on the curb.”

You know, give him something to think about.