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I Left My Protein On The Subway!


I just bought a new tub of protein and left it on the subway train. I'm blaming the 2 cans of beer I had on this minor slip up.

I paid about $55US for it.

At least I had one scoop from it earlier at the gym.

That is all.


That sucks!


just walk around downtown till you see the 240lb jacked homeless guy

he took it


^^ ha ha! I was thinking that.

I'm in Taiwan so I wonder if someone took it home thinking it's just chocolate milk powder.

Fuck they will be in for a rude surprise when they take some and wake up the next day ripped to shreds and with over 50lbs of manly muscle rippling across their body!


More and more lately, I've noted that you're indulging in drink, my friend.
Or at least reporting on it more often.



Yeah, I'll sometimes have some whiskey on Fridays and 3 or 4 beers on Saturday. No worries though. I don't drink to get drunk.
I drink to stay drunk.




nuff said


How bad would you feel if the shut down the subway because of a bomb scare...


You lost your protein and co-workers have zero sense of humor. I fully support your need to drink and escape reality.


^^ heh heh, yeah

A black tub filled with powder that says something like MegaBlast 2000 on it! The Taipei police wouldn't know what to do with it!
Oh sorry biglifter...your post wasn't there before! Thanks for the support.


Now they are gonna think it's anthrax.


Now they are gonna think it's anthrax.


nards this seems as good a place as any to bring this up, but you've seemed very disillusioned with T-Nation lately. what's the story, morning glory?



I know a reliable source of decent protein powders in Taiwan. You can get raw stuff (pure whey isolate and concentrate, casein...) imported mostly from New-Zealand. From there you can also buy dextrose, cocoa powder...so you can do your own mixture.


Keen sense of perception there, Wormy.

I think Nards is probably weary from too many interweb battles with certain posters here.
But I could be wrong. He rolls pretty well... and with sense of humor intact.


In DC this would have definitely shut down the rail system for HOURS.....lulz Sorry, though, because I know this stuff isn't cheap!


That sucks man. I got nothing funny to say. That stuff's expensive and that just sucks.


This is a good excuse for a man to cry....that is...if you really need one. Sux man


Get on the subway tomorrow at around the same time and DEMAND your protein back with your Arnold voice. Then just Arnold scream/growl until someone fulfills your wishes.

Also, videotape this.