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I Left My HGH Out of the Frig

I mixed up some HGH yesterday morning around 8 AM and forgot to put it in the frig. Was out of the house all day and didnt get back til this morning around 8 so I was wondering if anyone knew if it would still be good?


Bacteriostatic water prevents germs or microbes from developing inside the vial. This prevents them from EATING the growth hormone. This is why you are supposed to keep the reconstituted solution in refrigeration, or eventually it loses potency (maybe 30 days or more). However, it is unlikely that bacteria will ever get into the vial if you keep the vial stopper clean, and if you only use sterile and new syringes. This is what you will do, so in fact it will keep very well for much longer than 30 days, even if it is not kept in refrigeration…

This brings up an important point. It is not true that growth hormone must be kept under refrigeration or it will spoil. Growth hormone in your body is fine at 97 degrees. Dr. Elmer Cranton, who is one of the biggest authorities on growth hormone, has written:

“Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely kept at room temperature, not to exceed 86 degrees Fahrenheit, for up to 18 months (as dated on each vial). Up to 110 degrees for a day or two before mixing may be tolerated without a problem. Once diluent is added, however, the resulting liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks or potency will slowly decline.” - Dr. Elmer Cranton

It’s no good. Mail it to me right away and I’ll safely discard it for you.

No, dirtbag said it all. 24 hours out of the fridge should not result in any loss of potency.

I bought Norditropin which is GH and the pen is cloudy. I know that it must be clear to use. What can I do ?