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I Know You Got Soul

Ct. Roc posted a reggae thread recently and in it asked if I’d start a soul thread. I forgot about it but while at Starbucks this morning saw a ‘Philly Soul’ cd that reminded me. So here’s a few to get this going-

Two newer ones, but still soul-

Didn’t want to post anything too obscure to start this off. I know ‘a change is gonna come’ is probably Sam Cooke’s most famous song, I just think Otis Redding’s version is absolute dynamite. Post what you got folks!



This thread is racist, yo.


Straight up fucking music, the sweaty kind.


recorded after a full set. orgasm at 3:00.

under appreciated amount of soul gavin has.


hathaway embarrasses lennon

THE MAN is trying to figure out who the black people are so you can get rid of us, you’re not going to catch me I listen to taylor swift all day.

I heavily approve of this thread.


sho ya right!!!

I cant psot But throw in some Tine Marie because Lanky wants to even the score.

I can’t post vids right now but I will deliver…I’ve collected many souls over the years.

[quote]Airtruth wrote:
THE MAN is trying to figure out who the black people are so you can get rid of us, you’re not going to catch me I listen to taylor swift all day.[/quote]

You listen to her but only because white girls like it…therein lies your motivation to dick down the snow bunny!

You remember White Chicks. right? The scene from the car…that’s you.



T-Nation and Soul? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

That’s like saying North Korea and Diplomacy. Doesn’t mix.

At least you guys tried. Next time there’s a BJL fund raiser, I’ll send you photos of the event.

This used to be me and my first wifes album right here. Good times gettin high and fuckin.


Damn good thread, Whitey! I grew up listening to a lot of that great stuff.

But I’m throwing a monkey wrench into the works here… just for fun.
Oh, Gil Scot has soul for sure… and a whole lot more.





Always thought the Federalist was a troll, but after posting Donny Hathaway I’m forced to like him.

Soulful version

Nonsoulful version

Can’t forget Ray Charles.

^^So going to hell for this.