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I Know Something's Wrong But What Is It?


ok so , im trying to gain weight , right now i`m weighting 75kg(165lbs) - yeah i know light weight\skinny\whatever you wanna call it i probebly said it about myself.
point is i try to gain weight - and yes i do eat (will be posted in a littile while) but when i up my cals i start to have VERY liquid emmm... poop... like im talking pissing out of my ass liquidy (sorry for the graphic details) here is what i ate today.
6am - protein shake (30p,114c,?f) - made with milk (500ml)
10am - scrambled eggs (5 large) + 2 buns.
2:30pm - same shake as morning.
6:30pm - same as noon
10pm - 5 chicken breasts + sweet potato.

Now i know i dont eat much veggies can this be it? i dont really like those but if must then i must. been to the bathroom 3 times today already and i know there is going to be a forth.
if anyone has any usefull ideas ill be happey to hear them


apparently what you are eating is not enough. the only advice i can give you is to keep increasing your calories until you get to your desired weight. and the easiest way to do that is Squat&Milk.
GOMAD son.


I would try spreading the chicken breasts out throughout the day so you're not just drinking shakes the whole day. I personally don't, but I have heard stories of people saying that shakes give them the runs. Maybe try adding in some rice with chicken also to increase your fiber. Your diet doesn't look all that great for gaining weight to me. I think you need to add alot more food. Since I know the shakes are convenient, and I often use them myself, try adding in things like oats and peanut butter or heavy cream to up the calories if you're still having trouble gaining. If the problem is the shakes perhaps the oats would help make you less runny. Also, some people have an intolerance to milk? Are you sure that you dont? Maybe try experimenting with things like cutting out the milk and see if you still have the same problem. It looks to me like you need more solid food. I'm no expert or anything, but those are my ideas.


You seem to be drinking more protein shakes than eating more solid food. That or you ain't eating properly or not enough...

Scrap the shakes, unless you have a very hectic life, and keep them for pre and post workout.

Eat shit loads of meat and eggs at breakfast...

More meat, carbs and vegs at 10 am,

More meat, carbs, fats(good ones) and vegs at 12pm, more meat, carbs and fats at 2pm,

shake for pre and post workout, (assuming you're training around 4pm)

Meat and veg at 6pm and meat and veg at 9pm/10pm

It's all about the MEAT, baby!

And whole milk too.


@MODOK - Not being argumentive or anything but if I'm lactose intolerant shouldn't i be able not to eat anything made of dairy? i can eat cheese with no problem or drink milk with my coffee with no problem , also, if i drink only 2 shakes with milk i don't have these problems , maybe it's just the added 3rd one?

Also, when i said noon i meant as 2:30pm - for us in Israel that's noon :slight_smile:
the chicken breasts weren't that hard i make them really good so it wasn't a challenge, also i aint afraid of adding fat, i know that if i want to add more mass i can't do it "with abs" some people can i know I can't, my end of the line goal is to be at a 180-200lbs, i don't really care for and as long as i aint just fat.

and yes i do eat at macanolds and other "junk food" to add calories over the week only here it's a bit more pricy then at the us for example a double quarter pounder with cheese fries and water will run me like 16-18$ per MEAL. I will try this heavy cream that u suggested


eat chicken legs instead of breasts, more eggs per sitting, lamb and beef steak. find some green veg like spinach leaves you can just throw in every meal


Add fiber. It is absolutely necessary for comfortable shitting.

Benefiber if you have money for it. Or leafy greens.


If possible instead of having a protein shake have eggs with egg whites plus some oatmeal. Also maybe add some cottage cheese. Could add bananas which is a good carb source. I eat one protein shake with my morning snack and then a protein shake and a banana after working out.