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I Know Somebody Who Knows Somebody


I recently started a new job where with alot of ex-milatry guys like myself work. I came across a guy who thinks he is Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong himself would tell him to suck a fat babys dick. He is a real cock muncher. He pretty much told me that my body wasnt shit. I have been told before that I wasnt shit but, Hey let me live my life. He looks like a homo and cant squat his own body weight on a smith machine. Now that I think about it he is a fagg. He told me that he knows someone that is bigger than me but he doesnt know their name.

I know a million people that are bigger than me and I do know there name. I call it being intimidated. Dont tell me that you know someone who does anything if you cant do it. How fucking annoying....I know a woman who can squirt milk out of her tits...Eat a dick. I dont really care who you know. Just a rant...How many people rain on your parade and you want to kick their ass? I really think its funny so I have nothing to say to him. But in reality I feel bad for him. A meathead like myself trains his wife...She is probably getting knocked up as we speak!


I like to read books while I shit on the toilet. I know somebody else who does too.


You're lying like you lied about the grapes.


You're right. I can't even read and I shit in a hole in my backyard.


Thanks people............Fuck my Thread


What did you expect, "You're huge! That guy's just jealous. He wants to be just like you when he bulks up."
Seriously, if people are going to rain on your parade, carry an umbrella.

Haha that's the ice cream talking.


Most of the people here don't experience anything like that. Short of you and maybe 10 other people, no one else looks like you so they can't relate...or if they do hear it, it is in the context of high school and "15" arms that everyone thinks are swole.

I used to get that from some people but not anymore.


Yeah, it really sucks when people don't give a fuck about your accomplishments.

They should all bow the fuck down and REALIZE YOUR GREATNESS.

O Captain! My Captain!


When people start spewing their insecurities at me (no, not cause my 170lb/5'7" intimidates them, for other reasons that people feel inadequte around me) I go in the other direction and propell them to just keep saying stupider and stupider shit, I ran into it 2 weeks ago and have had quite a few funny quotes from the convo. It becomes a game, and he'll think you're his friend.

Play games with this chump, I'm sure you're plenty happy with yourself and couldn't care less what the tworp has to say. Encourage him, like "bigger than me? I hope he's A LOT bigger than me, cause I'm pretty tiny" "dude, YOU'RE not THAT MUCH smaller than me, I've only been working out for 2 months, but I can bench 150lbs !" Try to make him feel comfortable with himself around you, it'll probably be worth it in the long run "hey man, my arms are too sore, I was hittin 15's yesterday on a 3RM of preacher curls, do you think you could get me a cup of coffee?"


I must say though that this is the second time people have reacted like this to the OP and a thread that was actually started by someone who can back up their words with their physical progress.

If the OP was some dude with 25" quads discussing difficulty finding pants, I could understand the reaction.

Here, it just seems like jealousy since few responding that way are making more progress or anywhere close.


Actually, I really am jealous of the OP. I don't really look like I work out when I'm wearing a shirt (probably because I do very little direct arm work and my shoulders aren't naturally very broad). I look like I'm in good shape, but I really only look like I work out when I take my shirt off. But when my shirt is off, I have in fact had similar experiences to powerful01, but the good "parades", to borrow from powerful01, are far and few between and usually come from some total ass-pirate with a beer gut and little to offer to society. Basically the "high school"-type scenario mentioned by the Professor.

Is it bad that I want this experience to happen more often? I think not. It's part ego I suppose, but in a way I want people to acknowledge the hard work I put in to the weight room, but I'd like the acknowledgements to come from people whose opinions on the matter are relevant. When it does happen, but the parade is rained on, yeah it does kind of suck and it's not really about "greatness" or anything like that. It just sucks when I have to deal with some dumbfuck, regardless of the situation.


The girls around me believe that lean guys are stronger than not-lean guys, regardless of height/weight etc..

For example 5'10 150 6% Bf > 5'10 225 15-20% Bf in terms of strength..

I guess the abs make all the difference.


It's not about jealousy, it's about entitlement. Big guys expect people to admire their muscles, smart guys expect people to admire their degrees, organic farmers expect people to admire their fleshy, robust, pesticide-free crops.

Nobody gives a fuck. People are jealous of people who have made more progress than them on a shared goal. If they do not share goals, they just don't care.

Either way, why bitch about it?


You're some little guy who can't relate. Why are you bitching about him bitching?

This is a discussion forum on a bodybuilding website...I would fucking hope more threads were related to shit I actually deal with and not what brand of skinny jeans you plan to buy next.


I can relate to being annoyed by someone who doesn't think I'm as hot as I do, of course.

That's all it is. The only person who cares about your accomplishments is you. You need some kind of support group for this shit? If you're big and you know it, why do you care about some sloppy bastard's opinion? You need to be validated by the plebs to feel good about what you do?

It's like that girl that cuts her hair. Eeeeeevvvvvveeerybody better notice.


It's not about people noticing your accomplishments for the sake of attention and ego-boosting; it's about having someone notice an accomplishment in a way that doesn't denigrate and belittle that accomplishment. I'm sure the Professor could care less if someone doesn't notice or acknowledge his accomplishments/physique, but if someone is going to take the time to vocalize the fact that they are aware of his accomplishments, it would be nice if they did so in a way that is not derogatory or that minimizes the scope of said accomplishment simply because that person is ignorant about what it takes to reach the Professor's level.

In other words, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


In a perfect world, brother.


Yes, a perfect world. Something that people who acknowledge accomplishments in a backhanded manner are doing little to achieve.


/// thread.
You get that no matter what, I'm into traditional archery and I was showing some friends how to shot. One says shoot this! and throws up an acorn, I hit it (woot!). He was very impressed, when he mentioned it to another guy at work..he said oh well guys on tv can shoot an aspirin mid air. I'm not an exposition shooter, just a hobby, so it was epic but somehow a professional shooter being better makes my shot unimpressive.


I'm getting old so if someone said my body wasn't shit I'd think it was a compliment.