I know so little...

…about the serratus anterior muscle. Can the forum tell me how the build this beauty (and please give me something more than pullovers). If I wanted to focus on building it for a few weeks, what movements would I use? Any ideas…thanks in advance, y’all.

i’m not a kinesologist, but from what i understand the serratus anterior inserts on the upper ribs and into anterior surface of the shoulder blade (scapula). It’s function from what i can tell is to hold the scapula against the rib cage and to abduct and upwardly rotate it. Therefore exercises such as shoulder press and lateral/front raises should exercise it. seems fairly impossible to ‘isolate’ it effectively.

When doing incline press with the elbows not pulled back, the anterior deltoids and serratus anterior bear the brunt of the work

The serratus anterior protracts (abducts) the scapula. The best movement to target it is from a bench press position, with the arms locked out, without bending at the elbows, raise the weight a few inches (as far as you can go) The movement comes from your shoulder blades moving toward the front of your body. Do 20 reps and see if you start to feel it.

You won’t like the way you feel in the morning, but here goes. 45 degree incline, neutral grip. raise the dumbell in the longest arc you can, that is, don’t use a high weight and arch your back. Instead, use a lower weight and pretend you are trying to push the dumbells out while you raise them in a semi circle. I wouldn’t do many sets, cleans, deads both hit them pretty hard.

thanks to you all. these are great tips and i’ll put 'em into action. much obliged…