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I Know Nothing

about steroids. Been trying to read and learn. I am 55, and been lifting for 3 years. So far about the only gain for me has been joint pain. I have gotten stronger though. I am considering some sort of shall we say “booster”. The problem is all i read about ordering off the internet is you usually don’t get what you pay for so to speak.

Seems like i could get some reprieve in my joints with some supplements. I guess my question is, is it a good thing to order off the internet. I lift at home, never been to a gym so i am not exposed to the evils of the world.

The stickies at the top of the forum will open some eyeball for you if your wanting to expand your knowledge on the ways of the juice.

As for the internet thing? Well, it works for most. Simply because, like yourself, you have no one you can walk up to and exchange cash for goods. Look up the threads on internet ordering. Those should help, too. Several folks come in asking that question.

Yes. The stickies at the top will provide a nice foundation of knowledge for you. Please read them. After this, you should post specific questions you have about AAS.

You should also, before you think you are ready to use AAS, post up your training and diet regime, as very often the source of your problems can be solved here, and AAS may not yet be necessary.

Good luck.

You may want to look at the “The over 35 lifter” forum.

Due to your age you may be able to get HRT (hormone replacement therapy) legally.

I posted my routine, and the new program i’m just starting cause some of the replys insinuated i was overtraining.
I posted my supplement, and routine on the “over 35 lifter”
under WTF. can’t gain any weight… I thought about the doctor thing. Gonna check on it.

Okay, sounds like you’re getting answers then. Keep researching.