I Know I Suck..Tell Me Why

I know there are a few Snatch Technique threads open right now, didn’t want to hijack someone elses.
I’m not 100% an olympic lifter, and I’m really very new to the lifts. Mainly a powerlifter, but I’d like to improve my snatch and clean and jerk.
This is from a recent snatch workout, I did doubles from 40kg up to 70kg then a few singles with 77.5. Any input on what to do would be greatly appreciated. I was told to try straps to stop me from using my arms so much.

The first rep was a Power Snatch (PS) with a slow squat down, and the 2nd rep was a PS.

You need to do more bar work to get your body use to pulling under the bar to receive in a full Snatch position. Check out the bar work videos in the other threads and post a video of your bar work. Then post up with 40,50 for triples. If you can’t get 40, 50 fast you have NO HOPE IN HELL of doing it fast with 70kg.

You have some decent power, but lack the technique work (lack of training the Snatch) to do it well YET. But you can if you spend some time doing some bar work, then you can smash on the big weights easily :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


PS: Issues I see with your PS: You don’t receive the bar well in a 1/4 squat position. Your legs are too upright.

Thanks Koing, all good points
this was probably my 9th or 10th snatch workout ever, so in hind sight, I really shouldn’t be trying to go as heavy as I am, a lot more bar work, and work around the 40-60kg range.

I’ve been doing a lot of snatches from my toes, those really force you to get under the bar quickly. Is that something I should put the bulk of my work into for the time being?

The bulk is from the floor,

Do lots of bar work from all the standard positions which will be from your toes
then start lifting from the floor, you will need to get comfy from the floor