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I Know. I Know. I am Huge.


Just look at my meat head self.


Nice triceps.
This video might be better off in the Performance Photo section though.


lol wtf was that? I seriously lol'd


please don't stop the music man


Dude...you are fucking heeeyooge.


Those were shrugs viewed from a very low angle.


um k


hahahaha was this posted for "the lulz" cause if so it worked.


What a tool/narcissist.


The lolz. The lulz are off for the weekend.


What's sad is that you can easily find videos on youtube that are significantly more stupid/pointless.

There is also an uploaded clip of him curling. He's definitely a big dude. I'm not sure why two of his four uploads are light warm ups (the last is 585 shrugs), but it's not like he is clogging up youtube with random uploads.


I think it's funny. He keeps looking back at the camera like, "Are you watching?"

Welcome Bauber, you will fit in nicely here.


I'm going with the following:

OP is passed out in bed. And after a bit too much to drink, sort of under performed in bed last night, calle dhis chick a name, grabbed the ass of some other maiden, or otherwise pissed off his lady.

Well, she got up before him, and he had left T-Nation open and logged in. As a revenge for his disappointing behavior, she took a joke video he had on youtube, and posted it here, trying to make him look like a doucher.


reminded me of this, I don't know why though...


I don't know why, but I find this video funny.

and "my new haircut" will always be a classic.


I know but he had this casual demeanor and posting it here for no apparent reason. Made me laugh.


Yes, thanks to a camera phone sitting on a bench. It was for the lolz factor. I was feeling a bit bored and this is what you guys get. I don't take myself too seriously. And yes it was a joke video.


In that case, well done.


Look at how similar the previous 3 of 4 avatars are.. jeez


I'm assuming you want us to skip the 'couple getting married' one...