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I Know I Know, Another PH Cycle


inb4 well AAS better for gains

Yes, I know. I'm well aware. If I had access to a legitimate source, I'd be pinning myself and following a strict routine instead of taking the gamble with PHs. I understand that this is the widely accepted opinion of the forum here, but I am posting this because I would like to be guided in the "right" direction by you vets. Now I've posted this across a couple of forums (PHF, BSL) to get a good idea of where I'm at with my stack. The more I learn, the better.

Eventually I may continue my quest for greatness with real AAS, but until I'm able to get a trustworthy source, this'll do. Please be gentle lulz D;

Okay anyways:

I'll make the best of this time to do a 6-week cycle for a significant recomposition. Leaning more towards a cutting phase but I'll get into that in a little bit.

I have been lifting for over 5 years. This deployment was the first time I took shit seriously (form, nutrition, overall research). Never have I read more articles and lurked behind forums (not including PH/AAS ones) than I have now. I only wish my 17-year-old self was this educated.

18-19% body fat
BP: 295
DEADLIFT: 400 (alt. grip)
No sugarcoating it. The first half of the deployment I've been lifting heavy and eating whatever the fuck. Probably packed on a little bit of fat. I was 207 lbs, but I've dropped down to 196 lbs with a calorie restricted diet and some Shred Jym within the past month and a half. Obviously had some of my strength gains go but it's nice to see the fat get softer and smaller (LEL, dat tradeoff). The mess hall here is running out of chicken (yes, fucking chicken). So I'll really have to make do. Some days you get some quality protein (turkey, baked chicken) other days everything is fucking fried so you're SOL.


I've purchased BSL's Halo Elite and LGI's 11-X. I plan on doing a 6-week cycle as followed:

Weeks 1-6
BSL Halo Elite 2/day (AM/PM split)
LGI 11-X 3/day dosed at 225mg total
BSL Gear Support 2/day (AM/PM split)
Weeks 7-10
Clomid - 50 mg/day
BSL Gear Support 2/day (AM/PM split)
Weeks 11-13
BSL Eradicate 3/day

Other supps I will be taking:
Animal Pak
Fish Oils

Questions, comments, concerns?
Anything I'm missing or should move around.. etc.


Don’t know shit about PHs. My only contribution will be: eat right and train hard.


You’re not going to get much help here on PHs. No one here really uses them here, just being honest.


Fuck it ill just get dem aas man. If ima do shit like this might as well do the real thing.


Don’t listen to troll ^.

Too young for AAS and would advise it being military. I only seen ODA guys get away with it. Lots of others that have got caught and had careers ruined.