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I know i am just gonna get ripped for this one but i gotta ask

YES yes yes i know i have read all the articles and everything but I want to know personal experience with protein. Any one on a high protein/low carb diet that takes protein supplements. what is the best for weight loss and right after workouts, is it better to add flax oil to proteins or not? everything i read is so different the next that its really easy to get confused, any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Yes reduced carbohydrates creates fat loss at a faster rate.

Protein supplements - sure, powders!!!

Flax w/shakes for post-workout? NO, protein w/malto works lots better.

You sure you read everything?

Da Boxer

After workouts you’ll want to consume protein and carbs that digest/are absorbed very quickly, for my money Surge is the best for this.

Right now I’m on the T-Dawg diet, which is a low carb diet that allows for carbs post training. From what I’ve read extra fat after training isn’t necessary.

For further reading check out John Berardi’s Surge article, and search for articles on the T-Dawg diet, both the original and version 2 work damn well.

Actually using something like Surge is fine after a workout eventhough you may be on a low carb diet. It seemed to have worked for me a la the T-Dawg Diet 2.0. Just make sure that you don’t overfeed yourself with carbs the rest of the day. Hope this helps.

Don’t get me started…

Meat protein is just as good as protein supplements. It’s just easier to add in a few protein shakes to meet your daily protein needs. After workouts a post workout shake is best because it is absorbed quicker. You should add in flax oil with your P+F meals(read Massive eating). I eat a 40P/35C/25F diet. So I add up all my fats from my meats and then add in flax,olive, and fish oil to meet my fat needs. You should not add in flax oil with your post workout shake because it slows down the absorption of the post workout shake. As for dieting, whole foods is better because you get the thermic effect from digesting it. The thermic effect from protein shakes is less because it is digested easier. But adding in a few protein shakes shouldn’t hurt you at all. Hope this helps and it looks like you may need to read over some of the articles again at T-mag.

Uh oh…I hear Timbo comin.

My experience with protein? Well let me start at the beginning. I once me this beautiful steak at the grocery store. We started talking and somehow i got her to come home with me. I massaged her bathed her in delicious toppings. then i slapped her ass on the stove and ate her. I have this experience almost every day.

To Goldberg:


T-Bone, I take offense to that, bro? When have I come across as one to playah hate?:slight_smile: I’ll leave that up to guys like my dogg Nate.

My biggest bone to pick is totally negligent to the whole thread: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

I would suggest articles like Don’t Diet, T-Dawg v2.0, and the like as good starting points.

So, my question would be what articles have been read?

Hey you guys can say all you want about me asking wuestions to get information. But this is something that i really need, i’m trying to get into alot more training to get my mind off getting sent over to the WAR you know the one i Iraq, but alot of you guys dont know what thats like, so i mean alot of you guys who believe you know everything, i mean i read alot of stuff on here and alot of you guys do know almost everything and some of you just think you do. Me i dont know very much at all, but i do appreciate everyone that is trying to help me get some info for myself. But guys like goldberg (yea nice name) just think they got everything down to the dot, am i right, you were prly one guy that got ripped on too much in high school right, am i on target? but thanks to everyone who has been helping out with my questions, cuz unliek goldberg i dont know everything, or think i do at least.

“Over the years, the United States has sent
many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom
beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in
return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

AT, bro, I apologize if I at all incited you, and I’m going to have to claim ignorance.

I was trying to figure out what afb stood for, and it’s readily apparent now that it’s Scott Air Force Base.

You definitely have my full-fledged support, bro. Definitely. I thank you and all the other brave men and women who are fighting for the Stars 'n Stripes. It’s an act of utter courage and I respect you all to an astounding extent.

That said, I’ll surely be willing to help you out. I definitely think you’d benefit from reading Don’t Diet and/or T-Dawg v2.0. Personally, I think you should first go to The Winning Formula. The plan is already laid out for you!

If you have any questions, ask them, but try to be a bit more specific. Also, I wouldn’t jump on people right away in regards to your situation. It wasn’t readily apparent (to me, at least) that you’re on your way to take part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Good luck, AT!

My favorite post workout meal is Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches with Potatoe bread, and a glass of milk or a powerade of course! then I usually squeeze some honey right out of the bottle into my mouth and run around like a little kid. … come to think of it I’m not really all that big so you may not want to take my advice.

I’m Yoda, I’m a soldja!

I have experimented with this several times. For me, a very low carb/high protein diet causes too much loss in LBM. Yes, I do loose fat and I do get ripped but my goal is to maintain as much LMB as possible.
With that said, I keep my carbs moderate. No more than 25-30g per meal, protein is around 40g per meal. Fats usually comes from Natural peanut butter mixed in with my protein shakes. Since i am not a low carb diet, I use GROW! 3 times a day.
If I feel like I am hitting a wall and not lowering bf and possible loosing LBM, I go on a bulking cycle for one week and then back into the diet right after.
Overall I never allow by bf to go over 10% and I prefer a gradual loss of bf over a few months to get down to 6% as it is easier to maintain rather than loosing it quickly.
Good Luck with it. Hope this helped.