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I Know Faber's Weakness


Good luck, you'll need a lot of it


...or Kid Yamamoto.



Highlight Reel-

Too bad this fight will never happen


slightly off topic... i want this shirt


It's the new Liddell/Silva.


What the hell is wrong with your avatar? It looks like Snake Plissken...but the bizarro version.


Faber fights the 3rd or the 5th cant wait to watch


Lets not talk about avatars buddy LOL


Dude, Captain Ron is awesome!


I know right? Somewhere out there, a father is ashamed of his daughter and a father is proud of his son.


OHH! I've yet to see Captain Ron. No wonder I was at a lost.


Kid-Faber would be so awesome, but I can't spend too much time thinking about it b/c the chances of it going down are rather slim.


You are missing out on one of the greatest pieces of cinema of our time...


come on back on topic guys :-p but seriously though that was one great movie.


Actually Faber didn't seem to like getting hit in the face very much. I thought Pulver should have jumped in and thrown some more punches when he stunned him, maybe get him hurt. Still, although I think he was worried about getting his nose broke, he CAN take a punch. I would take Faber vs. Kid. I mean, were did that lighting fast right hand come from? I think he's still developing and has skills we haven't even seen yet.


i agree but kid vs faber isn't the kind of fight you can call, just a sit back and wait and see what happens kinda thing.

Faber is a phenom no doubt but imo jens didn't push him hard enough and didn't jump on the opportunities he had when he was hurt or stunned.

Faber is a fucking BEAST though so how in the hell do you deal with that. There was one point where he SEEMED to be hurt (maybe he was) and either feigned it so well or recovered so quickly that he throw out a backfist that almost caught faber.

He did this a FEW times i mean its hard to tell when to go in and finish him or end up caught yourself.

I've watched faber before and always found him impressive but he showed a COMPLETELY different skill this time. I'm blown away by that shit... he's totally unpredictable now... you don't know WHAT he's going to come up with.

Next thing you know he's going to pull guard and gogoplata you.


You're right about not knowing to go in or not. I think he was faking at least once and I forgot about that backfist that had trouble written all over it.


Faber vs Kid would be a hell of a fight. On a side note Faber might be the most "complete" fighter around.