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I Kicked Some Seal Butt Today


Tasteless, I know.....but going with the theme. And then straight to hell, probably.


You wanna know how he got his scars??? [licks his lips and smacks]


this is awesome only because I forgot about who this dude was

this song is raw!


Maybe he got smacked in the face by Kai Green



fine, enough with the weird shit.


kids in a sand box........... really....... please mods ban this idiot.


YOU BASTARD! i want to rip my eyes out now.


Seal rocks. His songs were played to death on my local radio and they never got "old" the way a lot of pop music got to me. But I remember when I was a kid first saw him on some show giving his 2 cents and I thought he was an anonymous Navy seal, hence the scars (from an underwater demolition gone bad, obviously)


24 hours and that link is still there.

Tapeh: iz that alwed here?


Who cares..if you dont like the link, dont click on it. Not defending anyone..but you guys are making some huge issue over a fucking link.


Yeah man but..... that was just kinda fucked up...