I Keep Drawing Air into the Syringe After the Oil

Hi, 2nd cycle here, pinning twice a week, 0.75ML each time.

Using a 23G needle, last few times I been drawing air into syringe at the end.

After drawing what I need, the syringe pushes back towards me with a bit of air.

So I just push it back in until I see nothing but the test in the syringe.

What could I be doing wrong?

Does the air mix with the oil…is there any chance I have been injecting air into my buttocks? lol

Or you could just do what everyone does - take the syringe needle up, tap it with your finger so all the air is on top and slowly squeeze the plunger until the air is out and a few drops of oil come out also(it also lubricates the syringe and it goes in better).

Probably. I have been doing steroids for 14 years. A few years ago i had a massive infection in my glute so i had to do a few scans. Not related to the infection but a doctor said i have a fuckton of scar tissue and air bubbles in the glutes, that look like have been there for years.
Technically - you probably will end up with some air in your muscles. Would it be in any way noticable? Nope.

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thank you for the information.

I do push the plunger after drawing and let a few drops come out first.

I see air before taking the needle out of the vial is what I was saying. So i just squeeze the plunger and push that visible air back in before taking it out the vial.

Then there just might be extra air and pressure in the syringe. Dont push it back into vial for a few times and it should normalize.
I never push the air back, so i have never had this problem. Which, actually, is not really a problem anyways :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you~

Pressure, like Hank said. Put an empty needle in and draw some air out. It’ll balance. You’ll know when it’s right cos you’ll stick syringe in and plunger won’t move at all

Are you injecting air into the vial before you draw? You should be. Whatever you’re taking out you should be putting in first. If you do that every time you won’t even have to pull on the plunger for the first ~70% of the filling process.

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