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I Just Weight Trained a 9 Year Old!


So my best mate and his little bro came over today and we decided to give his little bro a workout (well, his little bro was begging us to let him rather than we decided).

We started him off benching 22lbs and he was pushing it for 20 without any problems at all, so we stuck another 22lbs on (this is all converted from kilos by the way) and he was still busting out reps with it! I've heard of adults who start training starting with only the bar, and 20K is what an olympic bar weighs!

We had him overhead pressing 22lbs easy for reps, single arm rowing about 15lbs per side for reps, curling 22lbs for reps... that kid is going to be a BEAST. I know those are tiny weights, but for a 9 year old that is incredibly impressive. And his parents are both tall as well, so he is going to just be an absolute monster one day. He's already taller and stronger than most kids a couple of years older than him and amazing at sports.

Obviously it was just a silly messing around workout rather than us trying to show him some serious stuff, but if he finds his way into the weight room in his early teens then by the time he's 18 he will probably be one of the biggest people you will ever see in your entire life. He'll certainly rule his school because he's a very confident good looking kid as well.

He was begging for a protein shake after, ha ha ha!

It's kind of nice to see kids taking a real interest in sports/physical activity when so many kids just want to watch TV.


Cool man. One of my regrets is that I wish I had started training earlier.

It's good to hear about kids being enthusiastic about this. He's better off than his inactive, video game-obsessed classmates.

If he's got a passion for it at this age, he could do very well in the future.

And indeed, he's as strong as some of the adults in my gym. Kind of sad, but awesome for this kid.


You asshole!

You stunted his growth! What a prick...

lol, jk way to bring it to the youngins.


can the kid do a decent pushup?

glad to see someone getting involved at an early age


I would've thought so but can't say for sure.


Based on my experience I determined that at about 6'1", you only need about 60% effort. So if he is normal weight for a 9 year old(about 30KG), he SHOULD only have to lift a bit more than 18KG!(It COULD require about 24KG of force, but I doubt it. He WOULD be shorter(about 4'5"), but his reach would be shorter also.)

Of course, most people don't even know HOW to do a decent pushup. Frankly, I don't consider it valid unless you start on the ground, push your arms 100% without bending your body AT ALL, and slowly go down until you JUST touch the ground, WITHOUT relaxing your arms. A FEW even suggest doing the SAME thing with only your HANDS on some elevation several inches OFF the floor, and that is HARDER, as you have to push more and work with less leverage, etc...

BTW boys are smaller, more active, there is GH, etc... So he has a LOT of things going for him. So his feats may not be all that unusual. And was he doing pushups before you saw him?


Once again, I have no idea about his push-up history.


Could you please explain that statement?

to the OP. Good job. It give me hope for the new generation. I always worry that kids won't do the things I did growing up. I don't think there was anything better than getting a group of kids together to play a pickup game of baseball, or ride bikes, or go fishing. It's a shame that so many kids just sit in front of a TV all day.

Good for you. I'm glad to hear you are leading the kid in the right direction. Obviously he looks up to you and you seem to be setting a good example for him.


At that age he just wants to follow his brother and do what he does, idolizing.


That's very true. He does worship his older bro, and he's definitely a miniture version of him.


Excellent, i wish i had discovered the weights earlier.

keep him interested maybe he can turned out to be a great competitor someday.



Well, he's a bit young really and we were just messing around.... but it's worth mentioning to him when he's a few years older and at an appropriate training age.


I sarted when i was 5


I wonder if that little Hercules kid's growth has been stunted?

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