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I Just Watched....

I think Kerry looks presidential.

They say women sometimes vote based on a candidate’s looks. Maybe you guys want to cut back on the Soy Protein.

You can watch the news and not understand it. Tom Ridge raised a terror alert, without elevating the official threat assessment to Code Pink. That has led some to speculate that the Republicans are manipulating the terror alerts as a way to control the news cycle.

Since this alert from Ridge came one day after Kerry announced a running mate, some have wondered if it wasn’t a way to try to get Kerry out of the headlines.

That is why Larry King asked Kerry if he thought there was any political maneuvering behind the threat announcement. The timing was suspiscious, for what is basically a non-story (no actual specific threat).

Kerry played it straight and didn’t take the bait from King. He didn’t say he thought the GOP was using terror threats to try to goose the election. I think that was somewhat classy of him, no?

Do not confuse John Kerry’s sense of decency for weakness.