I Just Watched....

John"whythelongface?"Kerry on Larry King Live. What a wimpy ass, softball interview! Can you say…puff piece?
This guy (Kerry) wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the no spin zone. And I bet your ass he WON’T do the Factor either.
He was not asked nor did he offer ANY specific answer to any substantive question. Hazy generalities were the order of the whole interview. And Larry King looked like he was in liberal heaven! How in the world Larry got known as an “interview guru” is beyond sanity.

Just curious, when’s the last time Dubya was on the O’Reilly Factor?

Has he ever been?

Im not sure Lumpy. I wonder if he would go on the show. It would be interesting to see. Usually sitting presidents don’t do alot of those type of interviews. I have a feeling that Bush wouldn’t duck it though. I do know that Kerry has ducked OReilly so far.
It was good to see OReilly grill Rumsfield.
I’m an “equal opprotunity” truth seeker.

Kerry does have that long face thing going on…hmm. It’s sort of horse like. Good point PtrDR.

But the real question isn’t if Bush would duck the O’riley factor (because O’riley would just pat him on the back and say great job). But to put this in the context of Kerry going on O’riley, would bush go on the O’Franken factor or some other left leaning show?

I kinda doubt it. It’s not really pussy in either of their cases just not being stupid.

[quote]PtrDR wrote:
John"whythelongface?"Kerry [/quote]

HaHaHa lol That does represent his looks quite well. Still voting for him though.

as a military man he doesn’t have my confidence in this area at all…no vote for me…

anyway…my point is not so much how Kerry bobbs and weaves but how of a pathetic interviewer Larry King is…massively OVERRATED.

King is well past his peak, if he ever had a peak.

Are those voting for Kerry in the lower socio economic strata and looking for a hand out, or simply enjoy giving more the their hard earned money to the government?

Just curious.

King doesn’t ask anyone tough questions.

Actually quite a few don’t.

If they did ask tough questions of substance, big names would refuse to come back to the program. This is one reason why our media, generally speaking, does not serve us well - as long as there are softball interview shows like King’s, important people will stay away from programs with tough questioning and go on programs that will be a cakewalk.

And this is not even on Newsmax.com or a right wing website…Going back to this interview, with Kerry and Larry King: King asked Kerry the follwoing question:

"KING: News of the day, Tom Ridge warned today about al Qaeda plans of a large-scale attack on the United States. Didn’t increase the – you see any politics in this? What’s your reaction? "

“KERRY: Well, I haven’t been briefed yet, Larry. They have offered to brief me. I just haven’t had time.”

He had NO time.to be breifed??.On a national security issue of extreme importance like this and he had no TIME? to read it? And this man wants to be our next President??? God help us if he does…


I think Kerry looks presidential.

They say women sometimes vote based on a candidate’s looks. Maybe you guys want to cut back on the Soy Protein.

You can watch the news and not understand it. Tom Ridge raised a terror alert, without elevating the official threat assessment to Code Pink. That has led some to speculate that the Republicans are manipulating the terror alerts as a way to control the news cycle.

Since this alert from Ridge came one day after Kerry announced a running mate, some have wondered if it wasn’t a way to try to get Kerry out of the headlines.

That is why Larry King asked Kerry if he thought there was any political maneuvering behind the threat announcement. The timing was suspiscious, for what is basically a non-story (no actual specific threat).

Kerry played it straight and didn’t take the bait from King. He didn’t say he thought the GOP was using terror threats to try to goose the election. I think that was somewhat classy of him, no?

Do not confuse John Kerry’s sense of decency for weakness.

Oh, one more thing.

I don’t think Dubya has ever been on O’Reilly’s show, except once during the 2000 primaries, when Bush was just the Governor of Texas. Bush has not been back, since he became president.

I’ve heard O’Reilly say on his show that Bush has been ducking him.


I can’t think of one political show such as Hard Ball, or O’Riely, Hannity etc that Clinton went on when he was President.

I don’t ever remember any President doing those types of programs. Should Bush be the first?

I didn’t even know about FOX during the Clinton years. Were they considered an important source during those years, or were they just getting rolling?

It seems to me that Clinton was publicly persecuted during much of his time in office, with investigations into Whitewater, TravelGate, TrooperGate, Lewinsky, etc. I just read that the Wall Street Journal repeated rumors that Clinton had murdered 2 teenage boys while Governor of Arkansas. It was relentless under Clinton and it started pretty much from the beginning. As far as not appearing on FOX, I don’t think a person is obliged to walk into the jaws of a lion. Clinton gave plenty of press conferences and had a fairly open administration.

I think this contrasts with Bush, who was coddled by the press up until recently, has given the fewest press conferences of any modern prez, and is labeled as having a secretive administration.

I’d love to see Clinton go on O’Reilly’s show, I think he’d give the Factor a run for it’s money and hold his own.


I could not agree with you more regarding the shabby treatment that Clinton got from many news outlets. I remember simply shutting off the TV, or flipping past the news articles. What at total waste.

It was far worse treatment than Bush has gotten without question!

Are you kidding? Why would anyone with half a brain go on the O’Reilly Factor and get into a pissing match with that obnoxious, no talent, asshole? SHould the guest disagree with any of Bill’s sentiments, turn Bill’s mic up and the guest’s down and make the guest sit there and take Bill’s aggressive berating until the segment ends with Bill’s last word…sounds like a great time. Watch wrestling instead.

What good would it do for Bush to go on? So he could catch a BJ from the fair and balanced O’Reilly?

I didn’t know they were considered an important news source now! They’re good at getting ratings and pushing the right agenda, they’re not good at telling people what is going on in the world and they haven’t a clue what objectivity means.