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I Just Wanted to Make It Snow...

A fellow student at OU decided she wanted to make snow angles with the fire extinguisher in the Alpha Chi house, and gets caught.

So many people do bad things…

Fellow student? Sure :wink:


You Sooners kinda deserve your reputation, don’t you?

Alpha Cheerio, ftw!!!

Glad that wasn’t my house…

Lol, is this girl in college or kindergarten? I thought she was joking at first because she is throwing a tantrum like a little kid would.

Best YouTube response:

“If she’s really sorry…only one way to prove it…BUKAKEEEE”

Haha, well I’m not in a sorority, rowing for OU takes up plenty of my time.

And NO Ponce, that is not me :-p

Her name is Elyse…if anyone wanted to know my name that badly it wouldn’t be too hard to find, unfortunately lol.

PMPM what house were you in?

I laughed.


Wow, natural selection fail.

Whoah… Makes me think of all the really stupid stuff my frat bros and I did in college… makes this just sound ‘silly’.

I think we had our first judicial hearing the very first week of the fall semester one year for something involving, alcohol, fruit, minors, and peeing out windows (we were on ‘double secret probation’ too -lol)


How Ghey… definetly looks like some kind of sorority thing…

I am assuming that the person with the recorder is a upper classmen and the other is a frosh. They probalby gave her alcohol and instigated her into doing this. Then holding back laughter, recording her reaction to ‘sweeping and probation’

Gotta love college’s greek system…

In 8th grade, me and some friends got mutliple exstiguishers from the campus and had a ‘war’ in the girls basketball gym.

That started a long list of exstinguisher battles for years to come through HS.

Never got caught either.