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I Just Started BBB 3 Month Challenge, Any Grip Tips?


I just started the BBB 3 month challenge yesterday…I’m really excited! I am doing the challenge as laid out except adding chin/pulls into bench day, too as assistance since they are important to my sport.

I read the Beyond 531 book a couple times to get prepared and am looking forward to completing the challenge then moving on to some cycles with jokers sets, FSL, etc!!

My question is if anyone has any good tips for extra grip strength/endurance that I can incorporate into this without changing the challenge? My grip strength/endurance is fine at the weights I am doing but I do obstacle course racing occasionally and always looking to take my grip strength/endurance to the next level to help with the obstacles.

Thank you


Do the challenge as listed - don’t add shit to it.


Just a suggestion, obviously not going against what Jim said since he created the damn program! I’ve followed a lot of the 5/3/1 variations, but a few simple things like holding the top of your last rep as long as you can on your deadlift sets or hanging from the pullup bar as long as you can at the end of your chinups/hanging leg raises, using fat bar implements (for presses, rows, curls, pushdowns, etc … on the assistance work), could add some grip strength/endurance without impacting the program. Jim even suggests using towels for chinups.


Will do, Thanks! I’m already feeling some affects from the first couple days and looking forward to more. [quote=“Jim_Wendler, post:2, topic:223036, full:true”]
Do the challenge as listed - don’t add shit to it.


Thank you for the suggestions, gives me some ideas. Dead hangs after chins/pulls I bet would help. I haven’t done towel pull ups in awhile either, those seemed effective.