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I just saw the funniest movie ever!

Hey guys! I saw that American Pie 2 movie and I was rolling off my seat. I swear. Stiffler Rules! For those who’ve already seen it, that one dildo scene was a classic.

Hey Reeshdawg, how about I give you a spoon so you can eat my ass? LOL! Yes, this movie was freakin’ hilarious. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. I’m buying this one for sure.

For sure just as funny as the first one! I rarely laugh until my eyes water and I am sure i did it at least twice. “I don’t mean to toot my own horn, and believe me its harder than it looks.” Haha

Nate Dogg has it right. The spoon quote was funny. The lesbian sceen was funny too. Especially “I wasn’t trying, you were trying? ewwwwww you were trying?” Shannon Elizabeth is so hot. Sigh :slight_smile:

LOL Nate. Remember that scene when Jim and his dad were in the waiting room at the hospital, and there was that moment of silence? I’m so glad I didn’t have any of that movie theater popcorn or else I would have choked.

Maybe if I had a F@c&!n# bf he would take me to see this movie!

Reeshdawg, that was so damn funny. I would have died if that happened to me. Oh man, it’s a good thing I don’t eat popcorn, snacks or soda…I would have definitely choked during the movie.

Hey Princess, I’ll take you to the movies. You want the Doggy Dogg to be your boyfriend? :wink:

just a side note… that movie takes place about 15 minutes from where i live

Hey Princess, after you’re done with Nate, come to the Reeshdawg for some puppy love. I’m kidding I’m kidding. Wow Spencer, that’s awesome. Were you able to meet the cast and crew of the film? Just fifteen minutes away where I’m from, there was some filming done for a new Jim Carrey movie. This was back in March. I went to the town a few times, hoping I would bump into the actor, but in the days I visited, they weren’t filming. I was really frustrated because I wanted to annoy Jim Carrey with my really bad Ace Ventura accent and say “Somebody Stop Me!”

“I’m taking one for the team”

heres 1-from the mask-“daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!”