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I Just Need to Hear It


I'm in my mid thirties. I don't have low T. I recently got married, wife is the same age. We want to have a baby very badly. I also want to do my first low (very low) cycle of test sustanon (200mg per week). I want to do the cycle because my body is beat up pretty bad and would like some help with recovery. A little extra muscle mass would be nice too. Since having a baby is far and away my number 1 priority, should I just put the testosterone away? I've been told test lowers your sperm count and I've heard it doesn't lower it enough to make you infertile.

Stats: 5'10" 170lbs 15% Body Fat


Put a baby in her first. You never know for sure on these things.


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Sounds like you may have multiple health issues and you think that T will fix things. You should be seeking to understand what is going on with your health and vitality so you can resolve such problems. If your T is lower, that is a symptom, not a root cause.

These are all critical:
thyroid - can be low if you have not been using iodized salt.


I had elbow surgery about 3 months ago. I can't lift heavy with my arms yet but I can still go heavy on my legs. I go to the gym to do my physical therapy on my elbow 4-5 days a week and I have been doing a lot of legs, abs and lower back since it doesn't affect my elbow. Unfortunately working out the same muscle groups 3 a week gets me pretty sore. Perhaps I just need to scale back but it's difficult to go to the gym just to do physical therapy for 20 mins and cardio. Feels like a waste of time if I don't also squeeze in legs, abs, back or something even though I've already hit it this week.

I'll read the stickies. I'm going to out the test away too. As much as I want to do a cycle, I want to impregnate my wife more.

Thanks guys.