I Just Made a Deal of a Lifetime

I work out @ home an any grage sale/auction or flea market I attend I look for olympic weights to add to my home arsenal.
Wednesday night @ an auction there was 427 1/2lbs + 2 older olympic bars, (the sleeves were off) an 1 curl bar w/a WEIDER curl bar w/ a price tage of $19.99 clearance price on it.Either way whwn the auctioneer began calling for bids no one answered. He droped from $50 to $2. I raised my hand an the res tis history. I loaded them up in my car that evening.

I did the math on the weights alone an it came out too 0.0046 x lb. Thats less than 1 cents x lbs.
Previusly I have also bought 300lbs weight stacks an benches there for $25.%50. Just seemed no one there wanted to mess w. those weights that night.

Also here an ther I pick up lighter dumbell weighs an like to cut them an use then as grip block to strengthen my hand strenght.There is no craiglist here, I know a few of you have made off w/ some deal there but we don’t have it here.

Any one ever walk away w/ great deals @ auctions/flea markets are other resale-retail shops?Definately worth looking into esp if you work out @ home an are in need of adding weight plates to your collection.

A friend of mine also picked up a 3 tier Dumbell rack for $25. it was a body solid brand.

Jusy my .02 cents an wondering what experices you have had.

No such luck, asshole. We don’t run upon great deals like you do.

I’ve always got my eye out but haven’t come across anything like that.

Keep your eyes open. I actually found a dude on here who’s buddy had a junkyard in South Jersey where I picked up a full 315 pound Olympic set for twenty bucks.

And I thought I made out well…nice find.


wait where do you go for these auctions? Swapmeets? I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and c if i can get a deal like that around here.

I’ll buy those from you for double what you paid.

Thats a 100% return on your investment in just one day!

[quote]B.b. in stress! wrote:
wait where do you go for these auctions? Swapmeets? I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and c if i can get a deal like that around here.[/quote]

Swap meets, auctions, garage sales anything of the sort.
I was telling my brother an he recently went to a state auction where they usually sell stuff like cafeteria equip an desks, projectors an whatever esle applies to schools. He said a leg extension an lat-tower from an LSU gym went for $50 a piece. He didn’t buy them b/c he didn’t have the way to transport them home, so state auctions might be a good place search aswell.

I just realized this shit’s going down in my backyard practically.

Congrats on the find, fellow swamprat.

Ghost. if I remember correctly you are near Baton Rouge, about 2 months ago I was @ the
“Greater Prairieview Flea Market” ouside Gonzales, a guy had over 600lbs Oly weights for $200. And an Oly bar supposed rated for 1500.

This was about 4 months ago so I am unsure if it is still there.I was broke @ the time so couldn’t afford it.Might want to check out see if it is still there.