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I just gotta say..

I hope Toronto gets the 2008 Olympics. It’s got nothing to do with China & all that human rights stuff, Toronto has the best bid, period.

Natey: There is a line from “The Godfather”; Vito Corleone to his son Michael: “Keep your friends close…but your ENEMIES even closer”. Politics are going in China’s favor, and believe me; awarding an Olympics is politics, bribes…you name it. I have no doubt that Toronto probably has the best bid. However, most politicians are doing everything they can to keep China “close” instead of alienating them furthur and furthur. The decision should be soon…

They believe giving the games to China could go a long way to help human rights in that country, besides… if T.O. gets the 2008 summer gamers then Vancouver would certainly not get the 2010 Winter Games, and lets all agree that the Winter Games are the more interesting, and Vancouver is a better place to be than Toronto… hope to see ya all here in 2010

Hours away from the decision, and I’m hoping China loses. The atrocities that are occuring in China right now cannot continue. The citizen’s of China are oppressed beyond belief and the inhumane treatment of Tibetans is unacceptable for a nation expecting to host the Olympic games. Unfortunately, many of the voting IOC members have other agendas. An interesting fact: China executed more people last year than all of the world’s countries combined. Good luck, Toronto.

So what happens if China doesn’t get the games… nothing, business as usual. If they do get the games part of China will be inundated with other societies. It is possible that some modern thinking will be brought in and left behind, it’s that or the status quo. There is nothing to lose, but much to gain by the games being in China. As a side note, Toronto gets enough federal funding and developement $ it would be better for the 2010 winter games to bring increased prosperity to Western Canada.

So Bejing got the 2008 games. I think that’s the worst ‘human rights violation’ of all so I’m gonna have my own boycott. No watching the games on TV, no reading results in the paper, listening on the radio, etc. Toronto’s bid was the best by far, it’s too bad that politics got in the way of making a fair decision.

Natey, your tuning out of the games is certainly your perogative, but you may want to consider the athletes… they have no input into where the games are held and under what conditions. They can only compete where they are told to compete and to give their heart into what they are doing. By tuning out because of politics you are keeping yourself from witnessing some of the best things in human spirit, and human heart as the best athletes bring home medals for their Countries. The games are not supposed to be political, but always have been… I hope you can look past that and maybe share in the spirit of personal glories…

Right all this boycoting aside who would go to the games. I think i will,i have what, seven years to save, god that would be one hell of an experience wouldn’t it, to be there with hundreds of the t-mag army, sea’s of buftdom flowing through the bejing streets like a river of pure testosterone , they would be afraid to commit any more attrocities after seeing the countless legions of black shirted tmen and women :slight_smile: well that is my dream ne ways, lol!

um, What country doesn’t violate “human rights”?

I read in the paper this morning about this shopkeeper in China who, with her friends, don’t support Beijing hosting the Olympics, but wanted to remain anonymous in case the authorities found out. I think the bad stuff far outweighs the good stuff. Anyway Toronto had a commitment from all levels of government, like US$1.5 billion already dedicated to games prep, etc the TO people put together the best bid ever conceived & had what it would take to back it up.