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I Just Gotta Know!


people on here really smoke alot of grass. i personally never have tried it. to the people that did it when they were younger like 16 or 17, and your like 26-27, has it affected you, cuz i reall wanna know what it does.

P.S i am neutral on the subject of mary jane, im just too scared to try it, thats why ive never smoked it


Nobody here smokes. Ever.

There isn't even the slightest possibility that somebody here would smoke. Seriously, we're abnormal people here. Nobody with muscles smokes.



It gets absorbed into the muscle. Makes for a fuller looking muscle. Yep, makes the muscles biiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg.


people have muscle here???


NOONE HAS MUSCLE HERE...well except me, i mean just look at my default....i look like im carved out of stone


I'll actually answer seriously, because I can relate to the subject very closely right now.

I don't quite fit the age parameters you've determined, but I started smoking when I was 14 and am a month or so away from being 21. I've been smoking consistantly the entire time, sans a three/four month period two summers ago because of a job.

Now people do have their different versions of 'regular' smoking. My first two years I smoked about once a day. For the next two years I probably smoked 2-3 times most days. In the last two years I've built up to smoking 5-6 times a day or more.

Here's my take on it. It's a great recreational drug. When you first start, you get an extremely euphoric and unexplainable feeling. Think of everything being just like it is sober, except for way cooler. When you hear about people bugging out or getting paranoid, it's probably because they're immature or just naturally shook. Plus, (and this depends of the quality of the bud and tolerance to weed,) it's not a feeling that lasts as long as most other drugs... INCLUDING alcohol. It should generally be only a 1-3 hour affair, but again, this can change based on many factors and the high isn't necessarily confined within those boundries.

Plus, it's really easy to disguise if you're young. Rohto V eyedrops, scentless Febreeze and you're pretty much set. That, and if you're really crafty, you can smoke whenever you want if you live with your parents. (Think of a place with really hot water and steam...)

If you've ever had alcohol, and are scared to try pot, that's just not right dude. There's a large majority of people who recognize the FACT that marijuana is a shit load safer than alcohol. If you're worried about cancer, there still haven't been any conclusive studies linking the contents of marijuana and lung cancer. The carcinogens the cause cancer in cigarettes just aren't found in weed, so there's that.

But I digress... you ask about how it's affected me.

I'm calmer, I see things from different perspectives, I like to think it helps keep me level-headed.

Set-backs: If utilized heavily (like me,) it CAN cause dangerous effects, like MUNCHIES!!!

Haha, but seriously, when I smoke heavy I can get winded a bit easier, and feel an EXTREMELY small drop-off in short-term memory. You'd have to smoke really consistantly and heavily for these to ever happen to you, though, lol.


It makes the following things better:

*Arm workouts

The cons? Uh...it makes me cough occasionally.


You need to try it once... the best thing about life is trying new things.. I smoked for 5 years.. 2 of those was everyday chronic abuse shit. I run a sub 18 minute 3-mile and have an IQ of 145, so I guess it hasnt affected me much. Things you should also try is Ecstacy, specially at a party with hot girls... shrooms, acid, ketamine, hippy-flipping (shrooms plus X) crazy-flipping (acid plus X) and cocaine. my only advice is be careful with the last one and don't take X with alcohol, cuz ull just get drunk. also marijuana while drinking is prolly one of the coolest mixes of drugs ever.


Dont be scared dude.

Honestly if you try it you will most likley just be sitting there and staring off into space eating endlessly with out even knowing it.

First time I smoked my face went numb and I freaked out because I thought I was going to die but I was laughing so hard (because my friend farted) that I could not convey to them that I was scared. And my legs got really heavy.

I dont drink at all actually but I know that smoking is way safer than drinking.

Best advice is to do it when YOU are comfortable.


yea.. best time for your first time is not at a party or around alot of people. do it with one or two friends when you got nothing else to do so you can do whatever you want when youre stoned.


I smoked my first Marley when I was 12. No bullshit. I started smoking when I was 13. I guess it was one of the bonuses of being taller. It hasn't impacted me negatively. I rarely smoke it anymore. Sometimes if my leg/back is acting up Id rather puff some purple than take some hydrocodones. Why are you scared? Think its a gateway drug or some "reefer madness" malarky?


Just don't let it take priority.

Still pursue something productive like an education or career. Or hell, just a job that you like.

But other than that... rock out.


I'm not sure about anyone else but a friend of mine now has irritable bowel syndrome or had it for a while because of some sort of lining or something that it created in his stomach? I don't know all of the details but he might have throat cancer now? Mind you he told me this like 2 weeks ago so I'm guessing he is fine. I am all for trying new things, but a lady i worked with said, "the smart ones won't do it again."

Another friend of mine said that he used to smoke a lot and then he could hardly eat anything at all unless he blazed first... so he decided to quit.


it'll hit everyone differently. Some people develop a psychological addiction to pot, some develop asthma ect... but thats after chronic abuse. do it on occassion or in moderation and your health won't suffer.


try it once for the experience and if you like it then smoke for the social aspect of it. Just don't buy your own piece and it will be hard to turn into a -stoner-(someone who can't function without being high)

I smoke once every couple months, it's fun and makes good times better. There is nothing wrong with doing it occasionally, in my opinion.


..i'd say: don't start if you haven't already. When you're young weed, in most cases, stops you in your tracks. Your productivity will dwindle, and at a time when you start building a life for yourself, that is not what you want. Quitting weed after almost 18 years of continuous use was one of the best decisions i made, and take it from me: life is better sober...


Wow this is amazing. People on a MB on a website about strength sports/training/health etc encouraging someone else to TAKE DRUGS. lol
Kind of ironic.

To the OP: Inhaling smoke damages your lungs. Is breaking the law, damaging your health and picking up an idiotic vice really what you want for yourself? Just thought I would offer another point of view. =^)


Inhaling smoke may damage your lungs, but most people don't smoke a pack a day of pot like they do with tobacco(would be WAY to expensive from what I hear). Idiotic vice is a subjective opinion, but as far as breaking the law, a law that makes criminals out of millions of Americans every year can't be very well thought out, now can it?


Just the women.


Sure. I think the law should definitely be changed. There needs to be even higher penalties.

And BTW.. the fact that "everybody's doing it" doesn't make it a good thing.