I Just Found Out

That my wife is pregnant!

Whoohooo! I’m excited because this means I can start my next cycle soon.

I suppose I should be excited about the bambino too huh?

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats! I’m waiting to do my first cycle after my wife gets pregnant.

(I have my fingers crossed for January.)

Congrats man!!!

good job bro. now you can get down to serious stuff. like juicing : ) my girl and i are going to try. i have 3 weeks left on this cycle. i wonder how long post it will take sperm levels to increase?


Thanks guys.

Drago1, my wife is fertile freaking Myrtle. Previously she’s conceived everytime in the first month of trying. My last cycle ended in…August, cleared supraphysiological blood levels in September. I was definitely feeling hypogonadal post cycle, and she didn’t get pregnant the month I was on or the month after that while I was in “recovery”.

Not particularly scientific, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that I probably didn’t get her pregnant the first time around due to the cycle. Soon as I felt my endogenous T-levels were back in line, she was prego.

Congrats bud… let the fun begin.

Congrats ‘W’-Horse.

hopefully she is not one of those wifes that don’t like to have sex while prego. i coudn’t imagine being “on” with only my hand as an option.lol
btw i hear the first and second trimester are the best for sex?

I’m fortunate in that my wife (in general) is pretty horny and is equally adept at giving head and giving steroid shots to boot.

At some point in her last pregnancy she got annoyingly horny. I think we did it the day before she gave birth. Feels kinda like you’re violating the babies space at that point, but whatever - the baby didn’t come out with a big dent in his head or anything.

The months after the baby is born is when your sex life can suck. Lack of sleep is not an aphrodisiac.

ah you are lucky. so i take it this will be #2?you care if it’s a boy or girl? congrats either way. good thing you got the bmw when you did.lol

lmao… only my hand as an option. thats what hookers are for. warhorse… have a blast on this next cycle. after all, you cant get her any more pregnant. i wonder if we transfer much chemical in our jiz? that would make an interesting thread. anybody know what the chances of our kid basically being on steroids via daddy’s load?


Congratulations :slight_smile:
drago1- Hookers!!! ;0(

and I would say yes there would be a factor if you had used close to the time of conception- godda be an issue somehow.

Congrats. Give your wife a slap on the back too seeing as that submarine you are packing must have been hard to handle for her. Now you paved the way, pushing out a baby should be of no problems at all :wink:

Ahhh. You know, you guys are great! You like my family.

To answer your questions, this is #2, the first was a boy, his initials are A.C.E. because he is the kick-ass ACE man.

My wife wants a girl, and bless her heart I’m okay with that. I got the firstborn son.

I certainly will enjoy the next cycle. You don’t transfer anything significant through your load, but I plan to play it safe nonetheless. It’s not like they’ve done a lot of studies on juicin’ and pregnant women…

E ~Plurbis, thank you.

Are you twelven me? Consider her back slapped. I don’t think the baby will be anywhere near 81ft wide.


Congrats on being able to finally start that next cycle… Oh yeah, and did you say something about having a kid?
Naw… just kidding… Thats great bro. Congrats to both you and your wife… Be a good husband that usually makes for a good daddy…

Congrats. And hope for a boy. It’s hard to raise a daughter and restrain yourself from kicking the ass of guys like me that may come over to your house with her when she gets older.

Best of luck to you and yours.


Take good care of her!

Good luck with your cycle.

Keep us updated on everything.

A girl?? One of my favorite things is watching big macho men get wrapped around the finger of a tiny cute female!!

lmao. packing a submarine. paved the way. you just cant make up funnier shit.