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I Just Drank a Can of Tuna?!


So Im trying to get some food in me before I go to sleep and I really have nothing besides tuna and protein powder I love tuna but just thinking of eating a can with tapatio sauce right now does not sound appatizing and I know Id have the worst time getting it down so what I deciced to do was put the tuna in a cup put some tabasco in there with some water and just throw it down my throat then swallow it.

I was able to get the can down in about 3.5 gulps. The tabasco killed a lot of the tuna taste. Now I just got some good protein in me without the hassle of eating it but the thought now is almost as worse o well Im goin to sleep. The things we do to Grow!


I usually mix it with oats, peanut butter and water, but I guess tabasco would work too.


Tuna and sprite For the win woob woob !


Tuna, water (or pineapple juice), lemon juice.

Some of my clients were doing this - before I started working with them. It's old school and outdated, but it works - to na degree.



I used to wash it down with lemonade, stuff half a tin into my mouth, chew a bit, feel sick then wash it down, rinse repeat until correct amount consumed.

I don't miss it one bit, anabolic-diet-tastic.



I don't know if I could do that... or the sprite thing. I don't like watery tuna, but I'm perfectly ok with plain dry tuna. Maybe soy sauce or olive oil with it. If reduced sodium soy sauce didn't still have a crap load of sodium, I would put it on everything.


Mike Matarazzo used to have apple juice and tuna shakes.


I think blending is a good idea if your not going to chew it. Breaking the foods down (by chewing or blending) is beneficial for digestion and absorption.


I read through it, thought it was pretty cool.

So I tried the diet sprite/tuna thing.
I legitimately threw up in my mouth and all over the counter. Not only did I not get my protein from the tuna, but I lost my calories from my last meal too.

F*ck my life.


i don't understand how this is a good idea at all. if you want quick protein and fats, drink a protein shake and take some fish oil pills. if you want tuna, mix it w/ half an avocado and actually enjoy it. i mean, tuna and sprite? i'll pass.


tuna and sprite, that's dedication, once knew a guy that swore by peanut butter and sardines on whole wheat bread. To each his own.


Hahaha, I love his reaction "Fucking hell".
Sprite with tuna?? Jesus christ!
I love tuna mixed with mayo in a sandwich.


This is not what I expected theres not one post about saying how nasty or disgusting that is but you guys know we can get a little ridicilous trying to obtain our goals


Hmmmmmm Tuna and avacado, sounds awsome I think I'll try it. I usually do 2 cnas and Mayo with green sliced olives and some lettuce and cheese and roasted red peppers on a sandwich. I bet replacing the Mayo with Avacado would be a delicious change.




feel free to add any of salt/pepper, frank's hot sauce, and black beans too. with the beans included, it's one of my favorite small meals. fats, protein, fiber, low gi carbs... nomnomnomnom


Contrary to popular belief, getting in your protein for the day through disgusting means DOES NOT make you grow faster than everyone else :stuck_out_tongue:


I can get a can down in 4 chugs now! Yeaaaa easy protein now!


I'll second (or third) the Tuna and avocado idea.

Its really good. Smash up one big avocado with a can of tuna... basically tastes just like quacamole. I could eat guac all day urry day!

it just sucks that a can of tuna is like 89 cents and one single avocado can be like 3 bucks lol. LAME!


Tuna, avacodo, cottage cheese, chopped celery on Ezekiel bread.


Exactly, sometimes I'll blend tuna - or chicken breasts that are dry - into my omelets, add some salsa and veggies and presto it's fucking delicious!