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I Just Don't Know What to Do Anymore


Prolactin test will show if tumor is affecting you.


thats the thing. its not only prolactin. tumor can also harm acth and fsh BUT if it does both hormones should go up and not down


system i have two questions.

  1. so doctor told me to stop taking hcg mono after 4th injection (monday) because i was experiencing weird symptoms and he said he won’t do anything until everything goes back to normal (so no treatment) and i just decided to go straight defy. how long do i have to wait until hormones go back to baseline so i can contact defy and do a normal test?
  2. if i go with defy, what if by the first month i have new symptoms? they said they re test every 3-6 months but not sooner if im experiencing stuff?


You don’t have to wait for your hormones to reset to get treatment. You need to stop worrying and let the doctor focus on treatment and side effects management. What if you don’t have any symptoms and you feel great?


sorry for my english. so by what youre saying is that i should stick with the endo?


No you should run from this endo, I’ve told you endo’s are some of the worst. We’ve talked about Defy Medical and how doctors who take insurance are mentally handicapped in providing proper TRT protocols.